Young Dresden: Traveler's Highlights and Things to Do

Young Dresden: Traveler's Highlights and Things to Do

I was in Dresden on an autumn weekend, exploring the city, but mainly the region around it. I loved the region of Saxony Switzerland, but Dresden itself just didn't get me... Why?
Dresden is well known for its old town with the Frauenkirche, Semperoper, museums like the Green Vault, Zwinger Palace, Kreuzkirche, Fürstenzug, its castle, Hofkirche, Blue Wonder (bridge) or the very popular christmas market.
Those buildings are awesome and some of the nicest you can find with baroque style!
I liked them, but I missed some atmosphere. The rain didn't help, but I've been in other cities where it rained and which I liked right away.
Maybe I should have walked around a bit more... Maybe? No, definitely!
Just recently there were 21 travelers exploring the 'young' Dresden and I've followed them online, as they used #youngDresden to find their content. I was amazed by what they shared and experienced! Though they have been there not in the best time of the year (January - March), it seems they had a fab time!
Dresden got far more than I have seen! Seems I have to head back!
Here the traveler's share their personal highlights:
Nick from
One of the things I enjoyed the most in Dresden was exploring the street art scene. There aren't many big pieces, it's mostly stencils or small paste-ups, and for a street art enthusiast such as myself it was great fun to explore the city looking at the walls, keeping my eyes peeled to see what surprises I could find. The street art scene appeared to be up and coming, not yet established like in Berlin for example. Most pieces I saw were located in the Neustadt area, the bohemian center of town. 
Sofie from
I thought two hours would be more than sufficient to visit the Military Museum of Dresden. Boy, was I wrong! This place is huge, with five floors and an elaborate collection of authentic military items. It’s especially interesting because the museum goes beyond the battlefield and also looks at broader military life, including exhibitions on military fashion, music, sports and more. I don’t know if I would have gone in had it cost more than €5, but after having been, I think they could easily charge double.
Bruno from
I really loved the street-art spirit that was in this city especially in Neustadt. Everything was linked to it! I also fell in love with a currywurst place (Curry & co). It's ranked as the best one in Germany, and it's still pretty cheap (less than 5 euros). If you go to Dresden, don't miss this place! 
Veronika from
I really enjoyed staying in the Neustadt district. It’s so funky and alternative. I liked the street art and the cultural scene, with abundance of restaurants and pubs. Dresden is a college town and this is the place where they all go out (and sometimes get lost in famous “Bermuda triangle”). Getting late is no problem actually, as I found restaurant that serves breakfast until 4 pm.  :)
Interestingly enough, Neustadt is actually one of the oldest districts in Dresden. There is lot of historical buildings with courtyards. I loved especially the Kunsthofpassage. It is really a highlight for anybody who likes architecture and art.
Luiza  from
Nightwalk Tour - The Nightwalk Tour isn’t a pubcrawl, but you get to go to a lot of bars! You also get to learn a lot of curiosities and funny facts about Neustadt Dresden. For example, did you know that the district used to be micro republic in the middle of Germany, with its own flag, currency and passport? Danilo Hommel, the guide, is super fun. You’ll definitely see great stuff that you missed during the day, like the picture in the gallery, taken in Kunsthofpassage at night. The walking tour costs 15 euros and happens everyday, at 9 pm, no matter if its only you or a bigger group. Its necessary book in advance.
Claire from
Dresden is the best of both worlds : a young dynamic city on the side of Neustadt, an historical city on the side of Altstadt and a nature gateway with the Saxon Switzerland National Park next door. Everything in a maximum 30 minutes walkable distance or transport ride! You want a perfect day in Dresden? Take a train to the countryside to discover the famous Basteibrücke, then climb on the top of the Frauenkirche to get a spectacular view of the city, walk on Alaunstraße, discover the hidden Kunsthofpassage, stop in a vintage photobooth to take some silly pictures, eat a striezel and end the night at the Stilbruch bar playing "gollard" a combinaison of mini golf and pool!
Jessica from
I have dreamed of visiting Dresden since high school, when I first read Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five. Thanks to an amazing opportunity with ‘Kurt Vonnegut Tour’ I was able to not only hear about this period of history in Dresden, but venture inside the actual slaughterhouse where Vonnegut and the other POW’s survived the bombings of Dresden in WWII. As a history geek, Dresden exceeded all my expectations, and I feel so grateful that I was able to see the incredible growth that this city has experienced in person. I’m looking forward to a return trip so I can spend more time at the gorgeous Zwinger Palace and Old Masters Picture Gallery, I had no idea that Dresden had such an awesome art community!
Victor from
Dresden is a city that attracts by its classic historic center near the river Elbe. However, what surprised me most was not the excellent reconstruction of the city´s heart, but the futuristic and open factory Die Gläserne Manufaktur, where Volkswagen manufactures its most luxurious car, the Peathon, in a totally quiet environment in the middle of the city. The technical quality and the accuracy of work in this factory are amazing.
Denise from
Dresden is a beautiful photogenic city. I especially liked the big contrast between Neustadt and Altstadt. Baroque buildings, street art, fancy restaurants and urban concept stores. In Dresden you can find it all! For the young crowd Neustadt is the most interesting part of the city. It's artistic, vibrant and it has a creative atmosphere. Rent a bike and explore it for your self. Go out with your camera to spot some great pieces of street art and eat a delicious juicy burger at Beat 'N' Burger. A really cool burger bar that serves the best burgers in town!
Seems I will head back to Dresden and explore what I haven't seen and missed out!


Dresden has well and truely been added to my "to go" list. I've only visited Berlin but loved it there and really want to visit more of Germany. Would love to spend a week hunting down some street art in Dresden.


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