You Can't Leave Budapest Without Doing These 7 Things

You Can't Leave Budapest Without Doing These 7 Things

1. See Danube at Night

There's nothing as incredible as standing on the Margaret Bridge and seeing a view of the Budapest banks of the Danube reveal a panorama that includes the Parliament, the Buda Castle, Matthias Church and Fishermen's Bastion, plus the Chain Bridge running across the river like a string of fairy lights or pearl-string tightrope connecting Pest and Buda. Head there at sunset or some time after dark but before midnight (after which some of the lights get turned off).


2. See the View from the Basilica 

On a clear, crisp day when the sky is blue or when there are incredible cloud formations you can look out as far as the eye can see over the rooftops of Budapest from the top of St. Stephen's Basilica. Spot famous sights such as the Parliament, Chain Bridge and Gellért Hill popping up out of the panorama. There's a small entrance fee and there's quite a few steps to climb but the 360 degree view of Budapest from the top of one of the city's most iconic buildings is nothing short of breathtaking. Don't miss it.


3. Try this Kürtőskalács 

Kürtőskalács” (also known as "Chimney Cake" in English) can be found at a number of spots throughout Budapest, but our favourite in all the land is this stand near Elizabeth Square at the start of Andrássy Avenue. Their version is just perfect - crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. The taste is nothing short of divine (pick from walnut, coconut, chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla flavours). It's easily among the best value you can find as well, it's only 290 forints per sugary roll. So find this old newsstand and don't worry about the long queue of locals and tourists - the max 10-15 minute wait is worth every bite. Ps. It's often closed Sundays so don't go then to avoid disappointment. 


4. Eat at a Market 

A very typical thing to do in Hungary is to buy your fresh foods at a local market, or visit the top floor of the bigger market halls for something ready made and delicious for lunch before heading home. One of our favourites is the newly renovated Hold Street Market (1055 Budapest, Hold Street 13). On the top floor you'll find a great eatery called A Séf utcája. Everything here is made fresh, the service is friendly, there are shared tables and the atmosphere is spot on. The food here is market food at its best. Like the image below, everything here is mouthwatering.


5. Eat Cake 

Hungary is known for its food, and our world-class confectioneries produce cakes and slices that sweet tooths would die for. We can recommend trying one of the most famous confectioneries like Gerbeaud, Ruszwurm, Jégbüfé, Auguszt, Művész Cafes or Lotz Cafe and pick pretty much any of the cakes, whichever takes your fancy is bound to be delicious.


6. Try a Thrilling Escape Room

Escape rooms have been created all over the world, but they were actually invented right here in Budapest. There are plenty of escape rooms to choose from - just be sure to find one that's in English. You can stop a bomb, escape a pyramid, liberate a diamond from a bank vault, or solve a voodoo puzzle. Whatever takes your fancy, just remember once you're locked in you only have 60 minutes to get back out again. 


7. Drink a Pálinka at a Ruin Pub 

Your first experience of this strong fruit brandy - which is a Hungarian national icon - will cement your relationship: you will either love it or hate it. No matter what you can't leave Budapest without trying pálinka at least once, and one of the best ways to drink it is whilst you're in a ruin pub. This is practically the epitome of a night out in this lively, crazy city of ours. We have to add that you can't say that you've really partied in BP if you haven't looked in at Szimpla Kert at least once. It's become super touristy and some locals will say it's not what it once was, but we love Szimpla and almost everyone who's been here will say this was one place they have huge memories of. Party hard, and go home happy.


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