Yercaud: A Getaway in the Lap of Mother Nature and Spirituality

Yercaud: A Getaway in the Lap of Mother Nature and Spirituality

Yercaud is a beautiful hill town in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. It is most noted for scenic natural beauty, large coffee, tea, and orange plantations, Servarayan Temple, and Yercaud Lake.


It is a perfect destination to spend a relaxing vacation and is filled with interesting tourist attractions.

Yercaud is a perfect example of a nature-blessed hill station, home to large coffee and citrus fruit estates, everlasting hills, dense wooded jungles, large and varied flora and fauna, and many others. It is a perfect hill resort where still abides the rustic feel of old days and the easygoing way of life.

It is very tranquil and noted for the pleasant climate that remains so throughout the year. It is a major producer of coffee, tea, and citrus fruits including oranges, jackfruit, bananas, and pears.

Perched in the majestic hills of the Shevaroys Hill Range of Eastern Ghats, the place is a major tourist haunt in south India attracting thousands of nature buffs, trekkers, and holiday seekers who are looking to spend a relaxing vacation.


Places to stay

Eco-tourism is the largest industry here, followed by agriculture, particularly plantation of coffee, oranges, and tea. There are all sorts of hotels and other lodging options. Hotel Fairholme, Regent Hill Side Resort, and GRT Nature Trails are some of the most popular hotels often picked by tourists.


Yercaud Lake

Yercaud is simply a stunningly beautiful place and being in the town brings one close to the nature. It derives the name based on a beautiful lake that exists here and is surrounded by wooded jungle. The meaning of the name is Lake Forest. The lake today is one of the major tourist attractions of Yercaud. It is a popular site for picnics and sightseeing. Boating services are also provided. Plus, many also visit the place to simply relax and unwind.


Servarayan Temple

The place is also known for being home to the Servarayan Temple, which is one of the most revered temples in south India. The temple is situated on the highest peak in the region that is atop of the Servarayan hill. It has the deities of the God Servarayan and the Goddess Kaveri inside, and is the venue of the annual festival of Lord Servarayan celebrated in May month. Particularly during the festival, the place gets flocked by huge masses of pilgrims and tourists who visit the temple to pay their respect to the deities. The temple is a major attraction of the place and is worth visiting.


Other sights in Yercaud

Lady’s Seat and Karadiyur View Point are the other two tourist-busy places here. They are most popular for offering unparalleled panoramic views of the greenery capped hills patched with white mists. Apart from that, Killiyur Falls is also one of the most visited places here. It is a beautiful 90 feet waterfall located just a few kilometers away from the town centre. Plus, Sri Lalitha Thripura Sundari Amman Temple, Green House, Bear’s Cave, Silk Farm and Rose Garden, Botanical Garden, Pagoda Point, and the large coffee and orange estates are the other chief attractions of the place; without visiting them your trip of Yercaud is simply incomplete.


Getting to Yercaud

Accessing the town is very easy. A network of excellent roads connects the place to Salem city, which is the district headquarter and the nearest city to Yercaud. Salem has both the nearest railway station as well as airport. There is a good frequency of buses and taxis from the town to Salem. Besides, most of the hotels in Yercaud also provide transportation services to their guests.