Yaguaron: Ruta 1. Km. 48 One of the first Franciscan villages of converted Indians in Paraguay and the River Plate. Church San Buenaventura. This church is a beautiful architectonic work built of Lapacho wood. It has been decorated with retable of carved wood covered with thin gold plates. Fray Alonso de Buenaventura started the building in 1640 and it was finished 1775 with the construction of a principal altar made by the Portuguese master Juan de Souza Cavadas. The dyes were prepared by the Indians using local plants and are still shining brilliantly on the surface of the wood carved images. The altar is particularly beautiful. Phones: (595 533) 32229, parish house, (595 533) 32207. Museum José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia: It keeps silverware, historical relics, uniforms, pieces of furniture, paintings and saint images of the XIX Century, that were belongings of the Francia family. This was the private residence of Captain García Rodríguez de Francia, father of Dr. Rodríguez de Francia, who lived in this colonial house when he was a child. This house is located nearby the San Buenaventura Church, at the Pirayú St. 325. Cerro Yaguarón: A footpath leads to an oratory built on the top of this hill. According to the legend, here are supposed to be the footprints of Saint Thomas’ sandals and a petrified rope with which he made cows roundups. The celebrations of the Holy Week in Yaguarón include a hill climbing on Holy Friday.
National Park Ybycuí

On Road 1 to Carapeguá, from there on the branch road to Acahay, Ybycuí and the Ybycuí National Park. It was created in 1973 with an extension of 5.000hectares of mountainous area and up to 400m high hills, forests, springs of water, brooks and cascades. It is the most visited national park and it keeps an interesting historical site. Historical area: La Rosada: Ironworks of the middle of the XIX Century. During peace times, rails for the railway, iron pieces for shipyards, and tools were manufactured there. It was attacked and destroyed by the allies on May 17th of 1869, during the Triple Alliance War. Amusement area: Visitors’ Center, camping place, toilets, dressing rooms, educational trekking under the guidance of park keepers; the brooks Mina and Corrientes, the Mina, Guaraní and Mbocaruzú Falls among other natural attractions. Information: Secretaría del Ambiente /SEAM (Environmental Office) (595 21) 615 812 .


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