Wrong Fuel London Solutions by Doctor Fuel

Wrong Fuel London Solutions by Doctor Fuel

 Mis-fuelling happens to more than 2800 British Drivers every week. Sooner or later, there’s a very good chance it will happen to you or your friend but it doesn’t means you should start taking tension rather you just need to call us for the recovery solutions. There are many stories how people faced trouble after putting wrong fuel in to their vehicles and how serious damages caused after driving. In fact damage starts to become greater when someone turns the engine on and it becomes even worse after driving. To minimize loss after mis-fuelling for our readers we are presenting a few do’s and don’ts you should consider when you realize putting wrong fuel in car.

Don’t turn the Engine On:

Wrong / unleaded fuel starts causing damage to engine parts right after engine starts, experts advise one should not even put the key into the ignition as it can awake some functions. Starting engine means you are letting the wrong fuel start circulation in to fuel pipes and engine parts.

Do Call Doctor Fuel immediately:

The best thing at such situation is to call Doctor Fuel when you realized you put wrong fuel in car i.e. if you put diesel in a petrol car or petrol in a diesel car etc. We’ll send a fully equipped team capable to assist you to come out of this situation. Remember, the quicker you call Doctor Fuel in this situation, the quicker we can arrive to help you.

Don’t panic!

After calling Doctor Fuel, you’re in good hands – and all you have to do is sit at a comfortable place and relax. Our team reaches quickly and they will start fixing your vehicle to resolve your wrong fuel London issue. The situation will be under control soon and you will be able to run your car on road again.

Don’t forget:

If you are still at the filling station and realized you put wrong fuel in your car, don’t start your car immediately rather take your car away from the pump at a safe distance and wait for our team to rescue. There are many reasons you should take your car away even if you realized your wrong fuel Recovery London mistake, simply you don’t want to annoy other drivers taking their cars to the same pump. We found several cases when one person put wrong fuel in their car while another driver among others present there at the moment recommended us for recovery.

Besides this, taking your car in such a way will worn the other drivers to be careful. In such a case you realized this while you are on the road, take it to the safe side of the road, turn it off and call Doctor Fuel for help.


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