Working Remotely in Phuket: The Inside Scoop

Working Remotely in Phuket: The Inside Scoop

So... you've finally made the leap.  

Whether it was one week ago or several years ago, you've made the long anticipated and liberating decision to leave the corporate world in favor of life as a digital nomad.

You can officially work from anywhere (so long as there's a strong wifi connection that is), and initially the realization that you can travel AND earn an income feels incredibly freeing.  No more unnecessary hours spent in boardrooms or time spent filling out leave forms.  

Want to work from a beach in Asia... You can!  How about from an apartment in Bangkok... You can do that too!

Let's assume that you head to Southeast Asia since the living costs are low, the food is delicious, and the beaches are pristine.  And then reality slowly sets in... working remotely isn't all sunshine and roses.  

While life as a digital nomad still beats corporate life even on the worst of days, it's difficult to remain productive without the structure and infrastructure that a traditional office provides and it's surprisingly hard to find a strong wifi connection.  It's also very lonely since you no longer have co-workers to connect with, especially if you've decided to hit the road solo.


There is an answer, however, and it lies in finding a great co-working space.  

Co-working spaces are shared working environments that provide you with all of the infrastructure you need to be productive, along with the ability to connect with fellow like-minded digital nomads, and they're popping up all over the globe.  They're basically a very well equipped remote office where you can rent your own desk and workspace on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  After experiencing their magic, many digital nomads start choosing their next destination based largely on whether a town or city has a quality co-working space or not.

For digital nomads heading to Thailand anytime soon (and more specifically, Phuket), you're in luck, as an incredible co-working space just opened at the Lub d Hostel in Phuket Patong in collaboration with Garage Society.

Here are all the deets...


The Location

Located in Phuket's Patong area, Garage Society at Lub d is a one-minute walk from the main beach, in addition to dozens of hostels, hotels and restaurants, as well as the infamous bars and clubs of Bangla Rd.  If you want to place yourself right in the middle of all the action, there's no reason to look any further than Patong.  Still, Lub d is situated on a relatively peaceful side street in Patong, making it easy to enjoy the best of both worlds since the property itself is very quiet and tranquil.  

Garage Society is located on the second floor of Lub d, within close reach of the hostel's incredible restaurant and bar, which are stocked with the best Thai smoothies south of Bangkok and tasty snacks such as chicken quesadillas and pork fried rice. You can even add a workout session to your work session, since Lub d offers Muay Thai lessons with a professional instructor on the premises.

It's also worth noting that Garage Society members get a 10% discount on accommodation at Lub d, with dorms starting at just $14 per night and private rooms starting at $35 per night.  For bookings, visit the Lub d Patong website.


The Space

The co-working space is equipped with state of the art facilities, excellent connectivity, and everything else you might need to crank out a productive day of work on the road.  

The space offers open-plan desks, informal creative corners (with couches and beanbags for brainstorming), as well as a more private meeting room that's perfect for groups (and equipped with an LCD projector).  Each area is furnished with universal plug outlets, fast uncapped wifi, printing, faxing and scanning services, as well as refreshments. The area is also air-conditioned, an essential luxury in Phuket.


Membership Options

Membership options range from hourly to monthly.  Daily one-time use can be purchased on a 2-hour ($4), half-day ($6) or full-day ($8.50) basis.  Weekly membership can be purchased for $39 and monthly membership options start at $80.  

The meeting room can additionally be exclusively reserved on an hourly, half-day or full-day basis.  Visit their website for more information on rates and membership options.


Travel Tip shared by Jenna Becker for Travel Dudes.

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