The Wonderful November Festivals of Thailand

The Wonderful November Festivals of Thailand

Thailanders have many reasons to celebrate and that’s the reason their yearly calendar has so many holidays, festivals and many other celebrations. The best time to visit Thailand is at the end of the wet season.

That’s why many tourists take cheap flights to Thailand in the dry season. You will get an ample dose of wonderful festivals. Thailanders have a number of festivals during the month of November.


November Festivals in Thailand

Monkey Buffet

The Lopburi town is raided by scores of monkey who enjoy making mischief. Their target areas are mostly temples where they are busy snatching purses, food, cameras and whatever else anyone has. Monkeys are the real tourist attractions in Lopburi. So the residents of the town thank them for the tourist business by arranging a feast for these naughty animals on the last Sunday of November. The feast has many varieties of food like fruit, desserts, sausages and other local dishes made by chefs. Other than the feast you will witness folk dancing, parades and street food stalls.


Loi Kratong

Arguably the most beautiful festival of Thailand is celebrated to honor the river goddess. It is held on the full moon night of the last lunar month. In this festival, small kratongs are set afloat by Thailanders on rivers and canals. These kratongs or floats are made by banana stems covered by leaves and then flowers, incense, coins and candles are used to decorate them. On releasing these floats, locals make wishes for the New Year. The kratongs are also set afloat in the sky. So both water and sky are lit by hundreds of floating kratongs. You can buy a kratong for as low as 20 baht and join the locals. Most visitors search for cheap flights to attend this festival.


Naga Fireball Festival

At the end of the rainy season and Buddhist Lent, this festival is celebrated on the full moon night of the 11th lunar month. According to the believers, a big serpent shoots fireballs from its jaws at the river Mekong. The serpent or Naga starts its swim from Nong Khai Province. Non-believers present two theories. First theory holds that the phenomenon occurs due to methane gas release. The other theory says Lao residents shoot tracer fire across the river. However, both of them are rejected by the believers. Regardless of the cause, the festival is a must see site while you are in Thailand.


Surin Elephant Round-up

Thai culture would be incomplete without elephants as this huge creature has remained an invaluable asset in war and labor. The locals of Surin, located in northeast Thailand, have been famous in Thailand for their ability to trap and train the elephants. In this festival, you will celebrate the importance of elephants for the Thai people. The festival lasts ten days and showcases the talent and skills of elephants, which are beautifully dressed. The festival activities include a breakfast, talent competitions and battle re-enactments.