Wollongong's best lookouts and close to Sydney, Australia

Wollongong's best lookouts and close to Sydney, Australia

Wollongong's coastline is best viewed from a high vantage point and the area has plenty of lookouts, all easily accessible, to help you appreciate the beauty of the coastline.


Here's some of the best lookouts that we recommend:


Sublime Point and Bulli Lookouts
- Both are accessible via the F6 Freeway, which connects Sydney and Wollongong. You'll see signs to these lookouts from the freeway. These give a high and very expansive view over the coastline.


Southern Gateway Centre
- This is the home of the Wollongong Information Centre and also arguably one of the best lookouts in the region. The fact that you can enjoy it with a cup of coffee makes it even better!


Bald Hill
- This is probably the most famous lookout in the region and for good reason
- Located just south of the end of Royal National Park, along Grand Pacific Drive, Bald Hill not only boasts spectacular views of the coastline, but is also a famous spot for hang gliding and paragliding. Joy flights available.


Sea Cliff Bridge
- This impressive 665 metre bridge juts out over the ocean and is also a great viewing point
- There's a safe pedestrian walkway over the bridge's entire length that looks back towards Bald Hill and across the South Pacific Ocean


Mt Keira
- Head up the winding bush road to this lookout which offers 180 degree views of the Wollongong coastline


Hill 60
- Located at Port Kembla, the lookout offers spectacular views up and down the coast line
- Take a left off the Grand Pacific Drive at Port Kembla and follow the signs



Written and contributed by visitwollongong


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