Winter Vacation in Romania - An Inexpensive and Trendy Destination

Winter Vacation in Romania - An Inexpensive and Trendy Destination

Romania is a small country located in Central Europe and has all the ingredients to be a great winter destination.

With a temperate climate and an impressive range of mountains, the country provides some of the best ski slopes for beginners and intermediates.


Best resorts

The best winter resorts are located in Transilvania, the most beautiful side of Romania, a place with a rich history, stunning views, a journey back in ancient times.

Sinaia is an exclusive resort on Prahova Valley with plenty of places to visit like the impressive Peles Castle, a great piece of architecture built for the first king of Romania, Carol I. The entire little town is surrounded by mountains and there are all kind of accommodations, from cozy pensions to 5 stars villas and ultra luxury boutique hotels.

Predeal is another beautiful resort on the same valley, which provides a great range of activities like: skiing, snowboarding, climbing, walking and the list is still open. The nightlife of Predeal is very animated because of the two clubs- "The Office" and "Millennium Night Club" and the great array of restaurants where you will definitely enjoy the traditional Romania food in a unique atmosphere.

Bran is different from Sinaia and Brasov. Home of the famous Castle of Dracula, the village is maybe the most visited destination in Romania, by tourists from all over the world. Half legend and half rural delight, bounded by unexplored beauties; Bran will carry you through a land of fairytale. The magical time you'll spend here will be a great occasion to explore the Romanian traditions untouched by time.

Romania is an inexpensive and trendy destination.


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