Winter Ski Guide #InPyrenees, Spain

Winter Ski Guide #InPyrenees, Spain

As part of an awesome winter week in Pyrenees, I was able to enjoy several ski spots, but most of all and in the very first place: I learned how to ski! And Girona was the lucky destination who saw me get up there for the first time. 

So after learning with great guidance, let me show you where you can enjoy a ski getaway in the greatest slopes of all Spain:

The Pyrenees of Girona


1. La Molina & Masella

With night skiing activities and the largest ski slopes of the country, this place is definitely a must visit while in the region. It offers both quantity and quality, plus all services and rentals required.  Also easily accesible from main train stations throughout the area and from France. 


2. Vall de Nuria

Probably the most romantic place for a ski getaway since the location, building and landscapes are simply stunning! With a particularly nice ride up on a rack railway, with no option to go by car or any other, this place makes you forget about the world, as if nothing matters, even for a night or two. Definitely a good place to do what ski is meant for: relax and disconnect!


3. Vallterr 2000 

Highest peaks in the region and probably with the best views to the Pyrenees extensively. Just the way up feels already like reaching the clouds. Also family friendly and not as crowdy as the first two ski stations, due to location and distance from main train/bus access. Definitely worth a visit even if it was just for the views and the trip. Also rental services, restaurant and accomodation available.


Why Girona?


Because it is definitely a privileged region, where both white peaks and golden sea meet in quite short distances. And this makes such a perfect destination for a complete getaway, not only for skiing but even beach activities no matter the season. Not to mention some other activities such as hot-air ballooning! (Also available in the area and probably the most perfect experience I've been to as well).



Because Girona is less than 2 hours away from Barcelona, where plenty of airlines fly in from anywhere in the world.



Because gastronomy is crazy-good! It is well known that Spain has one of the most exquisite gastronomy in the world, and Catalonia definitely contributes in a good part of it. Best dishes of the area not to be missed? Trinxat - a deliciously soft and balanced "souffle" made with potatoes, cabbage and pork meat (just discretely). Heavenly dish!



Because this area is all about family and friends. There is no age range excluded from possible activities to enjoy around here. So it is really an ideal place to visit nomatter if you plan to go on a roadtrip with friends, on a honeymoon trip, on a retirement trip or even as a solo traveller. Totally safe!


So after this simple and useful guide to the Pyrenees during winter time, you got only good reasons to pay a visit on your next trip!


Travel Tip shared by Mariana Calleja for Traveldudes


This winter ski experience was made possible thanks to Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava - Pirineu de Girona. All opinions expressed are entirely the author's.