Winter Attractions in Moscow to Drive You Crazy

Winter Attractions in Moscow to Drive You Crazy

Moscow is the city with burst of creative energy. It has rich history that no one can forget.

The redbrick towers of Kremlin and other monuments are remembering the fallen heroes of the past. Now Moscow is an industrial hub of Russia. You will find many factories and warehouses here. It is also famous for its dynamic night life.

The winters in Moscow are truly amazing. The thick and deep frost envelope the entire city and the roads become less crowded. If you are going to Moscow in winters you will find many things to do here. The Russians have earned their name in making the winters lively and vibrant with many fantastic activities.


Here I will tell you about what Moscow has to offer you in the frosty season:

Russian winter festival Moscow:

The winter festivals are held in every winter in many parts of Russia but the festival in Moscow is very famous because of its vitality. It is the major cultural festival in Russia and is celebrated with full zest. It is the major winter attraction for the tourists coming to Moscow.


Things to enjoy at Moscow winter festival:

This rich festival has many interesting things to offer to the visitors. You can enjoy the

· Traditional Russian songs and dance
· Christmas village at revolution square
· Buy the traditional folk crafts and Christmas ornaments
· take troika rides and play games
· view the Russian sculptures
· enjoy the appearance of Ded Moroz and Snegurochka during the festival
· enjoy the old Russia by participating in sledding; a favorite game in Russian winter festival

You will love the winter festival. I would recommend you to capture the richness of this festival in your camera. Get the photos to canvas of festival activities and gift them to your friend this winter.


Ice skating in Moscow:

You will find plenty of ice skating rinks in Moscow. They are fantastic and have good facilities to entertain you. You will get easily the special food and beverages at the hotels near the ice skating rinks. The important ice skating rinks are located at

· in front of GUM department
· Gorky park
· Sokolniki Park, Izmailovsky Park, and Patriarch's Pond.


Snowman parades:

It is the cutest winter activity in Moscow. You will fall in love with the beautiful cute snowman occupying a small area and it seems that they are doing the parade. In Moscow there is plenty of snow so there is no difficulty in making such number of snowmen. You will find this activity at many places in Moscow but the Arbart Street is well known for the snowman parade. Take photos of the little cute snowman and get their canvas print to give a wintery touch to your walls.


Take part in painting competition on snow:

It is one of the attractive activities for winters in Moscow. You have to exercise your creativity on the serene white canvas which nature has given in the winters. Many families participate in the competition and enjoy the painting on snow. This activity is known as “art on snow”.


Icebreaker cruise in Moscow River:

I bet you will love this activity. The boat cruises on Moscow River gives the splendid view of the city. The boats which can crack the snow are used in winters. Have a fantastic cruise and mouthwatering dinner on the cruise. This will be a lifelong experience in your life.

These are the winter attractions which make Moscow a must see place in winter holidays. Plan your trip to Moscow this year and have loads of fun.


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