Windsurfing at Laguna Beach in Dahab

Windsurfing at Laguna Beach in Dahab

Among the many great things that there are to be done in Dahab is windsurfing.  There’s also a great place to do this called Laguna Beach.

Located a few hundred meters walk away from the end of the boardwalk, Laguna is a small public beach that was is mostly enclosed on 3 sides, with an opening to the Red Sea that allows the water levels to rise and fall with the tides. 

When the tide is out, you can find lots of incredibly colored starfish, miniature conch shells, and even a few harmless jellyfish.  You can spend a couple of hours taking in the sun while you wait for the tide to come back in.


When it does, the water is only maybe 3 - 3.5 feet deep at the deepest area, which makes it great for beginners who are learning windsurfing.  Between February and June the weather is the best, as there is still some wind blowing. 

Considering as the area of the beach itself isn’t very big, you’ll feel it’s a bit crowded if you’re there during the high season, so make sure to go during the low season to really enjoy some time to yourself practicing.

It’s definitely a great place to relax and watch the windsurfers, even if you’re not into it yourself!


How to get there:

Once in Dahab, walk all the way to the end of the boardwalk, in the direction of the Hilton.  You’ll start to find the area is more and more empty.  Just keep going.  Once you find a low stone wall, just climb over and you’ve arrived!


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