Why You Should Visit Puglia in Italy

Why You Should Visit Puglia in Italy

Puglia is in must-see places of National Geographic for 2014.

Everyone should know where Puglia is but let's imagine that someone is living somewhere far away and he is questioning where is Puglia, I'll help him and if you have any questions just contact me, I’ll be happy to answer asap.

Puglia is the heel of the boot (Italy).

You can fly to Bari or Brindisi and rent a car for doing an on the road, and I promise I'll convince you to visit this amazing land.


You should come in Puglia because we have:


You can eat really good everywhere in Italy, but here you can get what do you want. We have lots of street food such as  "sgagliozze", "frittelle", we have focaccia, we have Panzerotti, we have fish, we have vegetables, we have "orecchiette and cime di rape". These are just some of what you can eat here and get ready with a diet before coming because when we are eating we don't usually use the word: "The End". We can eat literally all day long, having a break with amaro or coffee and start it again.

Puglia is a great place also for vegetarian and vegan people, because the cuisine is full of vegetables cultivated locally.



Puglia is really popular for the sea. We have lots of beaches and area with an amazing sea and seaside. 

The most famous part is of course Salento, the area near Lecce where you can't miss places such as: Gallipoli, Otranto and Porto Cesareo. Here you have to add in your list a stop to "Punta Prosciutto" and "Pescoluse" the Maldives of Salento. These are the names of the best beaches where you are going to experience a stunning landscape.

Other places that you can't miss are Torre Guaceto near Brindisi, Monopoli near Bari and Isole Tremiti near Foggia. 



One of the great things about Puglia is the idea of hospitality that people have here. When you talk with some friends here, they probably will ask you to come for lunch time or going to drink something together. Have a piece of focaccia, maybe made by his mum or grandma and enjoy family time. Usually we love to pass time outside walking near the sea side and in summer time the cities near the cost are really overcrowded of people that just want to have fun, eating something, than drinking and having a party.



Puglia is famous for Trulli, Baroque and Romanic. Trulli is a typical building made in Alberobello (BARI) and they are UNESCO Heritage and they look like cylindrical houses with conical roofs. Baroque is a peculiarity of Lecce, which is full in this particular art of decorations. You can't miss the Basilica of Santa Croce and Duomo in town. The Romanic is another artistic style more common in Bari and the Saint Nicolas and the Cathedral are the most important buildings you should see.


Are these reasons enough for coming here?

If you want to discover more about Puglia the only way is just booking a flight and enjoying this beautiful land.


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