Why You Should Travel to Beijing in Winter

Why You Should Travel to Beijing in Winter

Beijing can get pretty nippy in the winter, so pack thermals instead of shorts for your trip!


1.    The Infamous Smog

So much was made of this in the run up to the 2008 Olympics, especially because of the warm summer weather. The smog’s definitely at its worst in the summer, so in winter you’ll be in for a slightly healthier trip. You will also be treated to some absolutely gorgeous blue skies inside and outside the city to really set your pictures off!


2.    The Crowds

Scores of people flock to Beijing in the summer because that’s when it’s warm. As long as you avoid Chinese Spring Festival (New Year) during January or February you can have a relatively peaceful time at places like the Forbidden City and even at the Great Wall.


3.    Spring Festival Decorations

Having said avoid Beijing during Spring Festival, at least try to get there before or after to view some of the gorgeous decorations that they put up for the celebrations.


4.    Museums Aplenty

In the cold, it’s great to have lots of opportunity to get inside to warm up every now and then. There’s the Military Museum, Beijing Capital Museum and my favorite, the Beijing Planning Museum with a scale model of Beijing on its top floor for starters.


5.    The Ice

Go at the right time and the lakes in the parks of Beijing are frozen. This gives you the opportunity to do some ice scooting! Or ice-skating if that takes your fancy too.


6.    The Subway

I have never used the subway in the summertime in Beijing, but I can imagine it must be a crowded and humid mess. I’ve never had any problems with public transportation in Beijing in the wintertime and it’s so cheap and easy to get around the city that why use anything else?


Now when do you think is the best time to travel to Beijing?


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