Why you need to go on a Desert Safari in Dubai

Why you need to go on a Desert Safari in Dubai

No place on the planet appears to typify an energizing joy trip entirely like the Desert safari ride in Dubai. An irrefutable charm and enthusiasm on the desert safari tour sweeps along the tourists like the inimitable piper's charm.

The round trek cast its spell and echoes the soul of Dubai desert safari for a lifetime. The desert safari drive, barbecue, camel ride, belly dancing in the camp at night, camps away from home, and Bedouins culture are all highlights of a desert safari.


Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert safari's, also known as dune bashing, is a form of off-road driving using an off-road vehicle to explore the sand dunes of the desert. 
Desert safari's in Dubai are along the prolonged stretches of sand dunes, offering spectacular views of the wonderful desert landscapes. The desert safari is considered as being one of the most adventurous, as well as most popular activities to explore in Dubai. Every travel enthusiast loves to explore the 21st-century city and desert, and take part in the fun-filled tours and plunge into the incredible Arabian culture.
In fact, desert safari tours in Dubai bring together loads of fun, adventure, culture, delicious food and entertainment activities all in a few hours. In short, they are an exciting experience to enjoy with your besties.

What does a desert safari include?

A 4WD will pick you up right from wherever you are staying in Dubai. The incredible tour begins with sand dune bashing, where you will get to see a caravan of vehicles driving up and down the sand dunes, some as high as the seven-floor buildings. No doubt, it will be the most enjoyable bumpy ride you will ever experience.
The journey will come to an end at the Arabic-style camp located in the middle of the desert where you are able to enjoy the ultimate thrill of camel rides, belly dance, Henna painting and a delicious blend of Lebanese cuisine. When the night falls, the chill desert breeze will hit you; the vehicles will drive you back to the city and leave you with unforgettable memories that will last a very, very long time.
Be captivated by the desert and let your body, mind and soul get lost amid the sunset followed by the prepared food, sweet shisha puffs and the colorful tummy artists twisting their hips to the sleep inducing Arabic music that graces this safari experience.
If you're planning a trip to Dubai, and love a bit of adventure, then you should definitely look into booking a desert safari.


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