Why Visiting Ilha Grande is a MUST!

Why Visiting Ilha Grande is a MUST!

Go and explore the paradise that is Ilha Grande!

For a little bit of background information, Ilha Grande is an island a few hours away from Rio de Janeiro which is popular amongst travellers touring Brazil.

 From the moment you step on the boat to travel to this ironically named island, you feel relaxed. After the hustle and bustle of Rio, Ihla Grande is the perfect spot to regenerate and discover the beautiful beaches or amazing excursions the island has to offer. The unique tranquil atmosphere can definitely be attributed to the absence of cars and internet here, creating the idyllic bliss which travellers love about this little island.  

Whilst you are here, definitely check out a restaurant on the beach which has lit umbrellas outside. They make great caipirinhas and an amazing seafood risotto- which is massive so share between two! The waiters here are so friendly and accommodating; they even offered us mosquito repellent. Be careful of the live music charge though! Plus what is not to like about dinner on the beach?

I stayed in Che Lagarto and would really recommend it. It is right around the corner from one of the ports- great location, CHECK! They provide a really good breakfast, packed full of fruit, cake, bread, cereals…this list goes on and have kitchen facilities if you want to cook for yourself. Plus there is a great atmosphere at night, where the bar really comes alive- CAIPIRINHAS FOR ALL!

If you do visit, make sure you have plenty of money beforehand because they do not have ATMs or banks here!

A trip to Brazil would not be complete without visiting this slice of heaven!


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Going there next week, can't wait! :)


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