Why Tom Price is a TOP Aussie Town

Why Tom Price is a TOP Aussie Town

Finding the unlikely oasis of Tom Price in the BEYOND red heart of Western Australia's Pilbara region was a bonus.

Here's 5 reasons I'll be coming back for more:

1. Mt Nameless

It's the impressive peak that looms 1128 metres (3700 ft) above the town AND manages to find its way into virtually every photo. The local Indigenous people know it as Jardrunmunhna, or 'place of rock wallabies'. Take a 30 minute 4WD drive OR a 3 hour return walk to the top for views of the ranges, and the Tom Price mine site and township.


2. Tom Price Tourist Park

We spent our first few hours in Tom Price removing red dust from all exposed surfaces of the car, camper trailer, clothing and ourselves before we had time to admire the excellent caravan park's stupendous setting.

A short walk from the caravan park ascends to a viewing area over Mt Nameless and the Hamersley ranges, perfect for both sunset AND sunrise!


3. The Wildflowers

I don't know (or care) what they're all called! But the remarkable array of flowers growing in the iron-rich soil of the Pilbara within cooee of the caravan park was an unexpected pleasure.


4. Tom Price Attractions

All that red dust removal and jaw-dropping scenery admiration can work up a healthy appetite which the excellent Moon Palace Chinese restaurant easily fixed!

Above the town, the lookout over the golf course gives an interesting perspective. And just down the road amidst all the RED, Lake Knox provides an unexpectedly cool, green picnic area. But no swimming – the pond is part of the sewage filtration network ...


5. Karijini National Park

Gateway to Karijini, Tom Price is a fine base from which to explore this dramatic National Park with the closest entry point only 50 km (31 miles) east. And Karijini is well worth visiting with some of the most spectacular scenery, gob-smacking gorges, RED rocks and magnificent mountains in the country.


We spent less than 24 hours in Tom Price. But we won't be making THAT mistake again!!