Why SUP’ing is the Coolest Way to Explore the City of Ljubljana

Why SUP’ing is the Coolest Way to Explore the City of Ljubljana

First and foremost, have you ever heard of SUP’ing? I can tell you right now that it’s certainly not a word in the dictionary, but it definitely should be.

The term SUP is an abbreviation for stand up paddle boarding. This is a new tour offered by Bananaway to explore the sights and sounds of Ljubljana in a unique way.

While I’m not sure if it’s the only city in the world, Ljubljana is definitely one of the first capitals in the world to offer travellers an opportunity to explore the city standing up on a paddle board venturing along the central river canals.


What was it like to SUP along the Ljubljanica River?

We paddled about 3 kilometres starting from the Špica café and ending around the three bridges in the centre of the city, close to Prešeren Square.

Our instructor Špela was a blast and not only did she offer an introductory course for us ‘beginners’ about paddling and actually standing on the board, but she let us stop at one of the local bars along the river's edge (Makalonca) for a quick beer.

I was thrilled that the restaurant staff were willing to hand us 4 glasses of beer over their floating dock so we could lay down on our SUP boards and cheers to an amazing trip. Thank you!

We ended our tour back at the Špica Café where we grabbed a few more beers and enjoyed a warm afternoon along the Ljubljanica River.

If this is something that grabs your interest, feel free to check out Bananaway Tours. They start most of their tours everyday at 10:00am, but are willing to create alternative tours for travellers with a different schedule.

Every tour includes an introductory course, the full SUP equipment, a 2 hour long tour with certified instructors and some GoPro shots from the excursion.


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