Why jetsetters, travel bloggers choose International MiFi

Why jetsetters, travel bloggers choose International MiFi

The days of insane roaming charges while you are traveling abroad are gone.


Now you can stay connected wherever you are and for however long you want, without any pesky charges on your cell phone bill upon return.


Everyone has a smart phone in their pocket and no one wants to sacrifice their apps, mobile Internet browsing, and email functionality simply because they are traveling in France for a week. Instead of looking like a confused tourist when you are searching for wireless data in France, you can act like a local and have an Internet connection at all times. Find that local coffee shop, the next bus going to downtown, or book a train heading out of town while you are moving around as seamlessly as you would at home.



For the jetsetters, travel bloggers and maybe even backpackers alike, renting Internet from a global MiFi provider like xcomglobal.com is the only way to travel these days. Forget connecting your computer to a phone line or waiting for the painfully slow hotel wireless to load a web page; with the increased availability of international broadband plans you will be able to enjoy the sites around you.

The key advantage of using a global MiFi with an international broadband plan is that you are able to carry a small device in your pocket that acts as your own WiFi hotspot.


All of your mobile devices like the iPhone can use the wifi signal to download maps, make Skype calls for free, or even look up reviews of the best restaurant in town; all without roaming fees. Whether you are planning a weekend jaunt in Berlin or an extended stay in Paris, the value of having MiFi in your pocket and staying connected is priceless.



Having MiFi in your pocket while you are running around snapping photos of monuments and cathedrals is the most convenient method of staying connected while abroad. At any given moment, you can make a VoIP call from your phone and talk with your friends and family back home for free. You can email photos and they can live vicariously through your travels while you are on the road.


The increasing number of wanderers who work and travel simultaneously can be even less tied down to home with global MiFi. Go see the world, experience all of those great places you see in the movies and on TV, and stay connected with home at all times.  Just check if the country you've chosen got a coverage and your boss or family might not even know you are gone.


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