Whitewater Rafting in India: Best Spots for a Thrilling Adventure for Strong Hearted

Whitewater Rafting in India: Best Spots for a Thrilling Adventure for Strong Hearted

Whitewater river rafting is an extreme adventure sport that is slowly gaining a lot of popularity among adventure lovers.

In fact, these days, a sizable number of tourists come to India from all corners of the world as there are several options for whitewater river rafting lovers in this country.

The best place to indulge in this extreme sport would undoubtedly be Indian Himalayas as several Indian rivers trace their origin to this majestic mountain range.


Some of the best rivers to indulge in this sport are:

Kali River:

The Kali River runs between the border of India and Himalayan state of Nepal and is a great choice for those looking for lasting adventure in their whitewater river rafting tours to India. The river originates from the north Himalayas and carves its way towards the Greater Himalayas before merging with the famous Indian River called Ganges. Several well known tributaries like Kuthi, Darma and Lassar also flow into the river Kali at different points thus forming several small and big rapids. The Kali Valley is also a beautiful place with several scenic views of what once was the trade route between India and Tibet over the Lipu Lekh pass. The river has endless surprises in store for a rafter with beautiful sandy beaches, clear water stream and some famous rapids like ‘The Creek’, ‘Chuka’ and ‘The Dumberghat’ that can leave any rafter enchanted.


River Ganges:

The most celebrated and revered river of India is the holy Ganges and it traces its origin to Gomukh Glacier in the Indian Himalayas. From the height of 13, 800 the river descends with force replenishing and invigorating Indian soil and reaches scenic Garhwal. Later, the major tributaries of Ganges, Bhagirathi and Alaknanda, join the river at Devprayag. This confluence is exactly what makes for a great whitewater rafting experience as several troughs and rapids get formed due to this union. The best stretch for whitewater river rafting is from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh where the Ganges forms 12 major rapids that are around 36 km long.


Zanskar River:

Whitewater rafting tours to India are incomplete without trying this river. The river that runs through trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh offers a rafter a great way to see the rustic charms of this remote land, up, close and personal. Zanskar river gorge already has the distinction of being called the ‘Grand Canyon of Asia’ with its walls going hundreds of feet vertically upward from the river bed. And that is not all, this pristine water body also offers the rafter ample challenges while it smashes its way through deep gorges only to later emerge for the confluence of the Indus and Zanskar at Nimoo. This stretch therefore, offers high level rapids and abundant scenery all around.

Needless to say then that river rafting in Zanskar Ladakh is an excellent way to celebrate holidays.


Alaknanda River:

Alaknanda river rafting tours are an excellent option for those looking for intense action in water. The Alaknanda is a famous tributary of river Ganges and it drains through mighty Garhwal Himalayan Mountains. The river also has three major tributaries namely, Mandakini, Nandakini and Pindar. Their union is the source for thrilling rapids that are on the wish list of every whitewater enthusiast on Alaknanda river rafting tours. The best stretch for Alaknanda river rafting tour would be the one between Chamoli and Rudraprayag with at least 80, grade III and grade IV rapids falling on this route. But the laurels don’t dry up here; this is a mighty popular river and Sir Edmund Hillary’s famous Ocean to Sky upstream jet boat expedition started from here. No wonders then, that it is popularly known as ‘Hillary Fall’ too.


Brahamputra River:

For those on whitewater river rafting tours to India, Brahamputra is an excellent option for this adventure sport. The river traces its course from Tibet, where it is known as Tsang Po and then enters Arunachal Pradesh where it is known as Siang. This river body combined with Lohit and Dibang makes is what is known as the ‘Brahamputra’. Unlike, other Indian rivers this river is the sole exception as it has a male name; Brahamputra means Son of Lord Brahma, creator of the universe as per Hindu mythology. The expedition in this river starts at Tuting and offers such exhilarating world famous rapids like the ‘Pulsating Pulsi’ and the ‘Toothfairy’ at Cherring. Thus, to state that Brahamputra whitewater river rafting tours are a must try is actually really not much of a boast!


In short, it can be said that whitewater river rafting tours to India are an excellent way of testing the stamina of a rafters thanks to the great challenges that Indian rivers throw up! 


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