While In Bruges, Must Eat Chocolate!

While In Bruges, Must Eat Chocolate!

The middle of January was definitely not prime time for travel to Bruges, however it is not to be completely overlooked!

When I went to Belgium the most important thing I was looking forward to was the chocolate, so I made sure while I was there that I was going to taste as much chocolate as possible, which is no small feat with chocolate stores about as frequent as Starbucks in NYC.

In order to make it a bit easier I ruled out chain chocolate stores that I noticed, like 'Chocoholic.' It is Belgium, but why visit a chain when you can find family-run stores boasting all homemade chocolate


The first place I ended up at was 'The Chocolate Line' which did win best chocolate in the world in 2009, so obviously a place worth visiting.

The smell when you walk in is overwhelming and they sell fun things along with conventional chocolates, such as chocolate pills, chocolate lipstick and chocolate massage cream. A bit pricier than others, but who doesn't want to be able to say they've literally had the best chocolate in the world? 


My favourite place which I found at the very end of my trip was Dumon Chocolatier. I was drawn in because of the incredibly adorable building it was in and when I entered I was not disappointed.

It is a family run business and all the chocolate is homemade and with the first taste I knew it was different than the other shops (and this was straight after the chocolate museum where you could sample freshly made chocolate!).

It is absolutely the place to go while in Bruges and the prices make it even better! I got an assorted box of 30 chocolates because it was just too hard to choose on my own. 

Sadly, it would be impossible to include every chocolate place I went in to in my short two day stay in Bruges because I probably at least looked into all of them.

However, it would be hard to find bad chocolate in Bruges so it is worth exploring all your options and trying hot chocolate on a stick, no matter what the weather! 

This will most definitely not be my last post about chocolate so stay tuned...