Where to Rent a Villa for the Perfect French Wedding

Where to Rent a Villa for the Perfect French Wedding

A French wedding is surely a dream for many upcoming or would be brides.

After all, France is known for its spectacular cuisine, superb countryside landscapes, incredible wines and romantic towns and cities.

All these ingredients combined make up the texture to the perfect wedding backdrop. Who wouldn’t want to get married and hold a wedding party in the luxurious hills of the Cote d'Azur?

The rural charm of Provence is also an appropriate setting, especially suited for those who seek peace, quiet and amazing local food. And, after all’s been said and done, where better to get married than in a castle in the city of love and light, none other than Paris itself?

If you have the budget for it or simply want to learn more about the rental process for luxury villas France is definitely a preferred destination.

There are few other countries in the world whose history and culture can match up with that of the Hexagon.


Medieval Manners in Provence

The French town of Avignon in the Provence region is well known worldwide for its long and complex historic background, as well as for its incredibly rich contemporary art scene.

If you’re dreaming of getting married in a medieval castle right outside Provence, then the Chateau d’Avignon might just be the perfect choice for you and your select party of guests. It was built in the fourteenth century and renovated in the nineteenth century.

Once upon a time, when the seat of the papacy was located in Avignon, the Chateau accommodated the bishops who had come to visit with the Pope.

In our day and age, the castle still features a superb fireplace and no less than ten bedrooms. The master bedroom in particular will make you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time, thanks to the king-sized bed with a canopy. However, the amenities will bring you right back to the third millennium, thanks to the Internet access, as well as the maid service, available seven days a week.


Go “Oh!” for Villa O in Cote d’Azur

The French Riviera summons images of classic movie stars, jet-setting around with beautiful women in the passenger seat of vintage sports convertibles.

The Villa O, no more than ten minutes away by car from Nice, will help you become immersed in that precise atmosphere of timeless elegance. The home is carefully concealed by the lush vegetation atop a hill: pines, palm trees, olive trees and eucalyptuses will protect the privacy of the most rambunctious of wedding guests you could possibly summon for the happiest day of your life.

And happy it will be, with the ultra-luxurious villa in Cap Farret. There’s enough room to park six cars, a pagoda on the terrace, as well as a personal chef with two waiters, always at your beck and call on location.


Da Vinci Code Chic in Paris

If you’ve seen “The DaVinci Code,” then you’ve definitely seen a fair share of the many luxury villas France has to offer. You’ve actually seen the Chateau de Villette, built in the seventeenth century, on an 185-acre estate, with fountains, lakes, tennis courts, pool rooms and a music salon.

It’s so luxurious it will make you feel like you’re holding a wedding in a smaller version of the Versailles palace itself! In actuality, the Chateau has been affectionately termed “Le Petite Versailles”. It features no fewer than eighteen bedrooms, there are horse stables close by, and staff is always present on call.