Where to Party in Madrid... Depending on the Kind of Person you Are

Where to Party in Madrid... Depending on the Kind of Person you Are

If you thought Madrid offered a wide range of nightlife fun, then you were wrong.

 It offers a huge range of nightlife fun.  

And to enjoy it fully and not to spend the night just browsing from one bar to another to see where you feel more comfortable, I’ve prepared some tips so that you know where you go when spend some days (or a season, who knows… that’s what happened to me, the city trapped me!) in one of the Madrid apartments.


If you are what we call “moderno” in Spain or the possibly more know equivalent a hipster –yes, if you’ve recycled your father’s glasses or your mom’s tall wrist skirt- and like alternative, indie pop music like crazy –or at least that’s what you pretend to be: No doubt, your place is Malasaña neighborhood.

You’ll feel you’ve found your place here, your cool, trendy district. And your cult place should be the Tupperware (Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 26) or La Vía Láctea (calle Velarde, 18), but also check El Barco (calle El Barco, 34) or Café La Palma (calle La Palma, 62). Also, a great a spot where to sit and just watch the characters pass by with your gin tonic in your hand at one of the cool terraces is the 2 de Mayo square.


If you like gay friendly places, Madrid has a whole district devoted to homosexual atmosphere and it is certainly one of the craziest and funniest neighborhoods you can be visit. Right next to Malasaña district, if you go out around this district you really must go to the Black and White (Calle Libertad, 34). There is no comparison.

If you think you are more of the kind of person who likes cosmopolitan districts, then you should take a tour around Lavapiés. At first it was a big of a troublesome neighborhood with loads of immigration, but getting trendier and trendier lately and young people and artists are starting to live there. Bars are underground, some of them secret (that means that you must know where they are otherwise you won’t realize), cheap, and cool. Just go along Argumosa street and these words will make sense to you.


If you like what we call “cultureta” style, a golden bohemian atmosphere –although also quite touristic, I’m not going to lie to you- you should try Huertas (or Las Letras) neighborhood; enter the Café Populart (C/ Huertas (Centro), 22) and enjoy live jazz any day of the week.

Finally, don’t miss La Latina if you like going from bar to bar, having a wine plus a tapa at each one, talking to everybody, sitting on terraces... it’s almost the perfect place, kind of posh lately, but still, very nice neighborhood. By the way, in this district you can find the restaurant where the famous Spanish recipe of “huevos revueltos” was invented, a classic: Casa Lucio (C/ Cava Baja, 30).


Written and contributed by Only-Apartments


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