Where Locals Go for a Thai Massage in Bangkok

Where Locals Go for a Thai Massage in Bangkok

Walk down any street in Bangkok and you'll see a vast array of health spas and massage parlours where you can experience traditional Thai massage.

The problem is that most of them aren't very good. The therapists may be untrained and unqualified. The prices are low, but so is the quality.

Many tourists are pointed towards Wat Po, where you can get a treatment at the hands of a student of the famous Wat Po massage school. This is pretty good, but nothing special, and it's not especially relaxing as the treatments are carried out in the open air with no privacy or quiet.


So last time I was in Bangkok I asked a local middle-class professional where she goes for a Thai massage. Without hesitation, she told me about Health Land, which has branches across the city. 

I turned up at a branch on a side road a few minutes walk from Asoke Skytrain station. It was easy to find but not somewhere a tourist would stumble upon.

The place is vast with dozens of treatment rooms over several floors. I paid 450 baht - about US$14 - for a two-hour Thai massage and my therapist arrived, took me to a small room and gave me a pair of pajamas to change into.

There was nothing gentle about the massage but I felt amazing afterwards.

It was the best of many Thai massages I've had.

But if your pain threshold is low, you can always opt for an aromatherapy treatment instead.


Travel tip shared by Mark Hodson