Where to Go for a Special Occasion in London

Where to Go for a Special Occasion in London

It may be that you are looking for the finest things to do in London for all the special occasions and the special reasons and perhaps you are in need of guidance.

These tips will help you to get the right taste of London and you can surely have a wonderful experience. When friends will meet you in London you can do them a favour and take them on a Street Art Tour. You can even have them visit a cool music venue. 


Experience at the Shard

To discover the finest sights in the city you have to visit the Shard. This is the newest London attraction you definitely need to pay a visit to the place. After you have enjoyed this wonder of the city and spent the evening there it is time that you sit and relish the famous British meal of fish and chips and for this you can have your dinner at the Old George Inn. Along with this you can have a tour of the Borough Market and this is sure to make you feel the essence of the food lover's London.


Nice Views 

After this it is time that you have the best London views and for this you can see the city from the top of the O2. The view is really wondrous. You have to climb for this and believe me the experience is not so scary. You will survive and you are sure to have the best London view of your life. After you have completed the special activity you can spend some time at one of London’s sky view bars.


Afternoon Tea

For afternoon tea you can choose from one of many places. A splendid choice is Fortnum and Mason. You will love the history of the place and also enjoy the quality and service. In fact, you have the finest of things served at this place, which is sure to make your afternoon tea experience the best one.


Making Best Use of the Time

In case you have time on your hands you can go and watch a West End Show. This is the best treat you can have in London. There is the Phantom of the Opera and for this you need to have a backstage tour before the show. Other notable shows are the Bodyguard and Thriller. There is even the all time hit - The Lion King, running nonstop. You have a collection of stunning restaurants and you can even take interest in a kind of pre theater deal. 


All Things in One Go

Collect a London pass and the day out is sure to be great. You need to pay just £40 for enjoying all the 40 attractions. A single day in hand will take you to places like a Thames Boat Cruise, Westminster Abbey, The Crypts and the Curzon Cinema, the Tower Bridge Exhibition and the rest. 


The Experience at Buckingham Palace

In case you are looking to have a quiet and dignified experience then you can visit the exhibition at Buckingham Palace. This will help you gain a look at all the exclusive dresses worn by Princess Diana.  You would get a chance to look through the rooms of the palace and this will really make the tour unforgettable. Afterwards savour a hot cup of coffee at a cafe. 


Time to Empty Your Purse in London

Market shopping is just one of the best things you can do in London. Don’t enter the high street shops as they have nothing exclusive to offer. You can never miss a visit to the boutique shops in London. You will find some of them at Covent Garden or Portobello Rad. Some of these are the Greenwich Market, Brick Lane Market, Camden Market, and the famous Spitalfields.