Where To Go For Good Cafes & Bars in Auckland, New Zealand

Where To Go For Good Cafes & Bars in Auckland, New Zealand

While Auckland is not known so much for its cafes and bars (apart from perhaps those more fancy-type ones on the Waterfront, which I won't include as they can be found easily), here's a few places which would be great fun to visit for a traveller.

All with good atmosphere, music, where the locals go, but all places which you probably wouldn't just bump into if you weren't planning to go there:


1. The Wine Cellar, Karangahape Road, central Auckland

A simple, smaller bar which looks like someone's garage, with torn couches and dimmed lights, is a great place to relax and also see underground bands - if you like indie kind of stuff, you'll like this! Best of course, can be guessed by its name, for the different kinds of wines. Ask around if you can't find it, it's just off Karangahape Road through a small underpass between shoe shops :)

Link: www.wises.co.nz/...


2. Circus Circus, Mt Eden, central/south Auckland

Easy to reach by car or bus from central Auckland, about a 10 minute drive straight south from the central city and located in a nice residential area of Mt Eden. A great place to drink coffee, chat and eat cake, nicely decorated inside and even from the outside recognisable as a small - circus! It closes early, around 10-11pm.

Link: www.circuscircus.co.nz


3. The Grange, Ponsonby, Central Auckland

A well decorated bar/lounge with a veranda on the side which used to be called the Living Room (and still looks like one - a nice one!), which can be visited earlier in the day as a cafe and later on, on Fri/Sat especially turns into more of a proper bar/club. Try their hot chocolate, cocktails or meals - this place os on the more expensive side of this list!

Link: www.thegrangeponsonby.co.nz


4. Kings Arms, central Auckland

A laid back bar and gig place which hosts a big outdoors area. Not a fancy place but great to hear upcoming bands! a 15-20minute walk from the city but still within central Auckland, use your GPS to find it. Best place to drink beer and sit outside listening to music in the summer. 

Link: www.kingsarms.co.nz


5. Mexican Cafe, Victoria Street, central Auckland

Cool, busy bar/restaurant/cafe, located very centrally on Victoria Street, and really good value for money meals. Sometimes they have salsa nights which get very full, definitely worth a visit if you're staying centrally.

Link: www.mexicancafe.co.nz


6. Secret Garden, Victoria Street West, Auckland

This is an interesting place which is only open if there are events on as it's more of a venue hire place. It's in the middle of the central city on Wellesley Street, might be difficult to find at first as it's a proper garden bar nested amongst grey office buildings! A very nice place to have a drink and relax in the middle of the city - I was there some 2 years ago so hope it's still working!



7. The Classic Comedy Bar, central Auckland

THE place for a night of laughter! Tickets are not expensive, it's very central and - there's a few really good japanese food places around for a meal before! Go for it if you're staying central and want to see a funny show!

Link: www.comedy.co.nz/...


Hope this is of some use for a start - have fun :)


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