Where to Find the Most Beautiful Views in Umbria

Where to Find the Most Beautiful Views in Umbria

If you're looking to find a beautiful countryside escape, you can't get much better than the region of Umbria, Italy

Although its neighbouring region of Tuscany may be more famous around the world, Umbria can certainly hold its own when it comes to providing breathtaking scenery that will offer you the perfect setting for any countryside retreat.

You will also find in Umbria that there are usually less tourists than in other regions of Italy.

This means that if you are renting a villa in Umbria you are much more likely to get a true experience of the local way of life here. You will have the space and time away from the busy tourist trail to just relax and enjoy your surroundings.

So the question is – where can you find the most beautiful spots in the region?


The surrounding countryside of Assisi

The countryside surrounding the Umbrian town of Assisi is some of the most beautiful you will experience - not just in Italy - but anywhere in the world! Approximately 15 minutes drive from Assisi, through the village of Santa Maria delgi Angeli and onto the road Via San Bernadino da Siena, you will find some stunning views of the Italian countryside! 

Picture traditional Umbrian farmhouse buildings, sweeping hills, green fields, sunshine, and no one else around.

This is what you can expect from the countryside surrounding Assisi, and it is the perfect place for long walks in the sun.


Hillside views & architecture from Perugia

Perugia is the regional capital of Umbria. It's rich artistic history and location built into the hill tops has provided this city with some stunning Medieval architecture overlooking the rolling hills that surround it. In fact, the drive up into the hills of Perugia allows a fantastic opportunity to stop at various points along the way to take in the mesmerising scenery before you, and to take some stunning photographs.

If you are travelling by train around Italy, the route from Assisi to Perugia is also known to be one of the most scenic and beautiful routes the country has to offer.


Orvieto Cathedral & the Underground City

A little further away from Assisi and Perugia, in the Umbrian province of Terni, lies Orvieto. The main reason for stopping in Orvieto is for Orvieto Cathedral. Originally built in the 14th Century, this intricate Gothic façade is a true masterpiece that dominates the hillside skyline of the town. Interstingly, Orvieto is also known as an underground city, because built into the volcanic rock the town is perched on is a labyrinth of caves and tunnels. These secret tunnels were originally built as an escape route from the city palazzo to a safe point a distance away from the city walls, and are now open for viewing as part of a guided tour.


Although somewhat smaller and less well known than its regional neighbours, Umbria is a beautiful location in Italy that has much to offer anyone who visits!

It would be the ideal place for anyone who wants a relaxed countryside villa in Italy to spend with the family, and a holiday with a true Italian feel.


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