Where to Find Ancient Egypt In London

Where to Find Ancient Egypt In London

London can surely be considered as one of the most popular destinations for traveling and exploring. As a tourist, you probably would want to visit almost everything significant in London.

There are some things that should be considered before you choose to travel to this magical place. The first among these would be to consider a suitable and comfortable place for accommodation. Everyone requires a place to crash for the night whether they are on a family vacation or they are on a business trip. Before deciding to set out and enjoy the various attractive sights it is advised to get settled into a hotel first.


A Look Into The Egyptian Feel Of London

Well, London. The amazing land of pyramids, sphinxes, and obelisks. The home and abode of the hieroglyphics. The resting suite of the pharaohs. Well, you might be thinking that we have deviated from our land but then we did not. We have a point because London has been the shrine of many Egyptian exhibits.

Well, such is the Egyptian charm of the city of London that it can certainly be said that London City is the ‘Egypt’ after the actual Egypt. Why do you think? Well, we are here to tell you why. There are some places in London that speak about Egypt like the actual place. Let’s have a look at them.


1. Richmond Avenue

Napoleon’s navy was announced by Nelson in the Battle of Nile in 1798. This was the first time that the Egypt mania wave was introduced and it is safe to say that this wave will surely not fizzle out in a long time. We will tell you how to find that.

Go to Richmond Avenue that is situated in Islington and you will have a fantastic feel of the amazing area that is filled to the brim with villas that have the obelisks and the sphinxes guarding them. The entire place is a classic example of Egypt and you are sure to find something that will inspire you to think so.


2. Crystal Palace

The glass-terpiece of Joseph Paxton which is located in the Crystal Palace was burned in 1936. With the remains of the six iconic sphinxes, the Crystal Palace still speaks of a regal Egyptian feel.

There is a certain charm added to the area with the addition of these 6 sphinxes. These are the full-size replicas of the ancient ones in Egypt.


3. British Museum

Aspiring and expert Egyptologists will find their true source for research in here.

The museum is loaded with the beautiful poems that are scripted on the papyrus. Also, the hefty pyramid blocks are filled with Egyptian codes as well. The greatest collection of the antiquities from Egypt resides in the British Museum.


4. Carreras Cigarette Factory

This can be a perfect lair for a Bond villain. Flanking the entire area of the Carreras Cigarette Factory are two giant black cats that give you an example of the Egyptian revival. The factory nowadays is known as the Greater London House.

Want to have a look? Well, why not got there and look for yourself.


5. Harrods

The Escalator at Harrods and the iconic Egyptian Hall are two of the features that mark the Egyptian feel of the entire area. Created and posted by Mohammed Al Fayed, this area still remains one of the most Egyptian areas in London City.


6. Petrie Museum

Named after Flinders Petrie, one of the Egyptologists, the Petrie Museum has got piles of artifacts that speak of Egypt in more ways that you can even imagine.

You will find amazing hieroglyphic stones and musical instruments and toys of Egypt as well. Why not visit the place and find out for yourself.


7. Cleopatra's Needle

There are three places where the Cleopatra’s Needle is famous, Paris, New York and the third one, any guesses?

Yes, it is in London. Cleopatra’s Needle marks another one of the gifts of the long Battle of Nile. You can definitely witness the amazing iron benches while you are there.


8. Magnificent Seven Cemeteries

This is another one of the copies that London City has ripped off from the Egyptians. The Highgate Cemetery, known for the Egyptian Avenue has got itself famous as people from all over the world come to see it. Apart from that, the Kensal Green Cemetery is also prepped with mausoleums that speak of Egypt.



For a proper mixture of the Egyptian, Roman, and Greek, visit the LMNT. The hieroglyphic panels and the mummy coffins that are nailed on the walls will certainly remind you of something Egyptian. Also, the fireplace is in the shape of Sphinx. I mean, can it get more obvious?


10. The Different Locations

The Egyptian feel of London is so strong that there are many other locations that boast of the Egyptian revival and times. The building of the Daily Telegraph with the façade, the Hoover Building, the Soane Museum and other locations are famous for their Egyptian looks and feels.

So, I guess, that is enough Egypt for you in London City. Book your trip here to see it for yourself.