Where To Eat In Rome: Buon Appetito!

Where To Eat In Rome: Buon Appetito!

Rome is such an amazing city, it's definitely on my top 3 European cities list. I spent there 3 days in October and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. 

The accommodation in Rome is quite expensive, but the food is not that bad. We found some great places to eat you should definitely try as well while in Rome.

After tiring hours of shopping in the main shopping street in Via del Corso, we were desperate to have some lunch. But unfortunately (or fortunately?) all the restaurants were full and not of affordable price anyway. So we entered a little street on the way to Fontana di Trevi, Via dell'umilta, and I guess we were lucky to find a free table among all those tables with red and white tablecloths in a restaurant called La Fontana.

We didn't really care about the prices any more as we were really starving, but for our great surprise they had plenty of cheap 'menus of the day' to choose from, including delicious pasta, chicken and traditional Italian desserts such as tiramisu and profiterol.

And the staff were the best I've ever seen. All men, all of a different nationality, but all of them smiling, joking around, taking photos of us, complimenting us, basically making a show to entertain the customers. I swear I've never in my life had such a great fun and enjoyed the meal so much like there. We left in a perfect mood and almost not able to move, oh yes, full stomach! I highly recommend this place.


If you find yourself in Rome on the other side of the river from the center, in the romantic area called Trastevere, there are many cute little restaurants all over offering food for normal prices.

The best ones we tried are at Piazza del Drago - Pizzeria The Mirror and restaurant Ponentino. For 10 - 20 euro you will get a huge amount of traditional Roman cuisine dishes, pasta, fish, meat, pizza and good vino della casa. Just do not ask for pasta alla carbonara unless you like it really spicy with a lot of pepper.

You can eat outside surrounded by many trees and flowers, even when it's cold because they have those nice heaters outside around the tables. The stuff was excelent, they do speak English, too.


If you go to visit marvelous Teatro di Marcello, one of the greatest historic sights of Rome, after the Roman Colosseum and Roman Forum, after the visit a must is to get something sweet to eat. Being a big ice cream lover I can assure you the best ice cream in Rome you can get in Antico caffe del Teatro di Marcello at Via del Teatro di Marcello.

For some tasty spaghetti alla bolognese or ravioli al ragú you should visit restaurant Rosa Rosae at Via di Pietra, which is 2 min walk from Fontana di Trevi. The street is pretty busy at night but still it's the best place to have some dinner if you are close to Fontana di Trevi. The staff were pleasant, even got some free shots :) and the food was of good quality and worth the price.


One of the advices I can give you, always look for a tourist menu and restaurants in small streets, not close to main historic attractions such as Fontana di Trevi or the Colosseum, as the prices there are unbelievably high.

For example for a half liter of water you pay usually around 4 euro next to the Colosseum but if you have your own empty bottle, everywhere close to St. Peter's Cathedral you have the possibility to refill it for free.

Buon appetito!


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