When to visit the Highlands and Islands of Scotland

When to visit the Highlands and Islands of Scotland

Scotland is a popular destination for people to travel to from all over the world. It has some of the most breathtaking scenery, wildlife and weather, not to mention a rich culture and heritage.

It can get very busy during the peak season (july-August)


If possible I would certainly recommend visiting Scotland and in particular the Outer Hebrides where I live in May/June or September/October for several reasons:

1. There are less visitors during those times and although it is never crowded there is something truly special about having the fantastic lochs, glens and beaches all to yourself.

2. The midges which can be a real nuissance during the peak summer months are not out in force during the early and later months.

3. If you like to take photos (I'm a photographer) then the light here during the months I mention is incredible. The days are not too long so sunrise and sunset are at reasonable hours and October is possibly the best month for photography as the winter weather just starts to appear creating dramatic scenes.