What You Should Know when Travelling to Egypt

What You Should Know when Travelling to Egypt

Egyptian Cuisine contains lots of tasty food. So what to eat?

Local food!

If you want to try some local food, you will find it easily.

The common dish is “KOSHARY”. Where you can buy it, you shall spot the the different sizes and prices (from  5 LE or 4 LE) near the cashier.  The most common places to get this in Nasr city is Tom & Basal and KOSHARY el Tahrir. Tahrir stands for freedom.

Another thing you should try is “Foul & Falafel”. It’s sold everywhere! A falafel sandwich in Nasr city cost around 1.25 LE ~ 1.5 LE. A falafel sandwich is the same as “foul”. Both could be sandwiches or normal dishes. Dishes should cost more, depending on the place. The best known places for selling these across the country are: El-Shabrawy Arabiata and GAD.

There are many places to sell these, but some of the best should be the ones I mentioned.


”Kabab we kofta” these are the ones I highly recommend, but they are not that cheap as “Falafel”. A “Kofta” sandwich from the well know restaurant “El Hatii” could cost around 20 LE. A “kabab” is A MUST TRY.

If you want t try a very RANDOM sandwich, that the locals love, you should try ”the dynamite sandwich” that has: foul, falafel, eggs and salad

FACT: Many Egyptians have “foul and falafel” as breakfast. For dinner there are many varieties that could include “Kabab and kofta”.

By the way, the word “we”  is “?” in Arabic means “and”.

There are many other foods that you should try. I would recommend to head to the “El Shabrawy” restaurant and tell the waiter : “zabatney” and this should be enough.