What You Need to Know About Renting in London

What You Need to Know About Renting in London

Shifting to London can be nerve-racking and exhilarating simultaneously as you find yourself loaded with the culture and fast life of one of the world’s most exotic cities.

Renting property in London is a major part of that. Relocating to a big and expensive city like London comes with a fair share of intricacies. If you’re coming to this city first time then it can be VERY time-consuming and pesky to find a suitable place to stay. 

However, if you keep in mind the listed below tips in mind, you can easily find an easy-on-wallet and comfy place to live in London:

Be organized

Home hunting takes a lot of preparation and time, and if you are not organized you may lose out good opportunities. Pen down all viewing dates and write down the name of the person, time of the meeting, correct address, and other important information. Make a list of questions like types of basic amenities, costs of monthly bills, nearby transportation services, etc to grab a great deal.

Do your research carefully

Newcomers to this city are generally flabbergasted by how soaring rent rates are, so it becomes very difficult for a new individual to know what’s a rip-off is and what’s normal. Before making a final deal, make sure you warily check the size of the rooms, kitchen, furnishings, types of transportation services, and amenities close to the area. The best bet is to move around the streets and talk to the locals to get a clear idea.

Share to save

Sharing a renting flat with a flatmate is an advantageous way to save your bucks. Majority of young professionals and students go for this option as it trims down the cost of renting a property. It is also a great way to make new pal, but be wary to decide who you live with, as a bad choice can be a nightmare.

Don’t forget to take inventory and tenancy agreement

These are the legitimate papers, which set out the liabilities of you and your landowner. You must ask for Tenancy agreements and if your landlord is reluctant to offer you then you should smell a rat. Along with, the landlord is also accountable for providing you certificates related to fire, electricity, and gas.

Be ready for the compromise

Budget is a pivotal part of your search so while hunting down the property you always need to keep in mind. A bigger and well-furnished might put a lot of burdens, thus select a place that can help you to save money.

Save for upfront costs

A newcomer should be prepared for the unanticipated upfront charges. These include the fees of letting agents (if you use any), monthly rent deposit, and extra costs related to utilities. Make sure you make a list of all these costs and ready to pay for these. If your pocket is not allowing you to give out the funds for the unexpected costs then you will be unable to find an accommodation in London.

You can book short let apartments in London and stay away from the hassle of house-hunting. The affordable apartments are packed with all necessary amenities within every budget.