What You Need to Know About Dhow Cruises in Dubai Marina Or Creek

What You Need to Know About Dhow Cruises in Dubai Marina Or Creek

Dhow cruises in Dubai are increasingly becoming unforgettable tourist attractions.


Water Bodies in Dubai

Incidentally, Dubai has no natural water bodies or oases. However, there is an artificial canal city in Dubai namely the Dubai Marina.

The Dubai Creek, the site of many enjoyable dhow cruises is a natural inlet. The Marina and Dubai Creek are the main locations where tourists experience dhow cruises.


What are Dhows?

Dhow cruises usually center on traditional dhow vessels. They are an interesting way of enjoying a piece of Dubai’s ancient maritime heritage. They usually combine sumptuous buffet dinners and traditional Arabic heritage.


Choosing a Dhow Cruise

There are a number of companies that offer dhow cruise packages. Tourists and visitors should compare the companies to get the best rates. The packages are ideal for big groups and families.

In order to find the best dhow cruise in Dubai, tourists should choose between the Dubai Creek or Marina. The Marina has a more modern outlook and will be appealing to sightseeing tourists. The Dubai Creek typifies Arabian simplicity of a bygone era.

The traditional dhow design is quite important for sightseeing tourists. A dhow with large deck windows will offer a breathtaking view of nighttime Dubai. There are traditional dhows with open air decks for an even better view. Tourists should identify companies that offer guided tours on their dhow cruises.


Dhow Cruise Entertainment

There are dhow cruises that cater to tourists who want to relax and have fun. Tourists have an option of booking the dhow for private functions and parties. There are dhow cruise companies offer private party packages. These packages usually include a DJ for hire and a diverse, mouthwatering international buffet. A bevy of beautiful and enticing belly dancers is a common feature in these parties. There are a variety of drinks and cocktails available for tourists on such dhow cruises.


Food on a Dhow Cruise

It is also important for tourists and families to keep their group size in perspective. The dhow cruise vessels usually handle a set number of passengers. This information can be obtained when making a booking prior to the dhow cruise. At this point, the tourist should also ensure that they can stomach what is on offer, so to speak. Put simply, in case one is a vegetarian, they should make adequate arrangements to ensure that the buffet offered on board caters to their preferences.

Family groups are bound to have an unforgettable experience on Dubai’s dhow cruises. There are a variety of cost effective packages available for families who want to enjoy a dhow cruise. The best choice should fall within their budget. This is usually a great chance to experience heartwarming Bedouin traditions and hospitality. The aroma of traditional Arabic coffee, locally known as “kahweh” and served on the dhow cruises, will forever remain imprinted on visitor’s memories.


Dhow Cruises for Couples

Couples in love are not left out of the exciting dhow cruises. The cruises offer the perfect setting for couples in love to take in the sights while romancing the night away. There are attractive offers, discounts, and deals available for couples out to enjoy a romantic dhow cruise in Dubai.


These are some important tips to keep in mind when trying to find best dhow cruise in Dubai. Tourists should identify companies that offer great value for money. The safety of passengers is important.


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