What to Wear: What Every World Traveler Needs to Remember to Pack

What to Wear: What Every World Traveler Needs to Remember to Pack

There’s nothing like fly fishing at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge in Brazil or skiing the slopes at the pyramid-shaped Matterhorn peak in Switzerland.

Whatever you love to do as a world traveler, it’s always nice to do it at one of the top spots internationally. You can immerse yourself in a new culture, see sights you’ll never see domestically, and spend your trip doing what you love most.

The key to the best excursion ever, especially when you plan on doing many outdoor activities, is to pack right for each experience. You know the essential things that you need, but it’s only natural to under-pack clothing when you’re trying to be a minimalist traveler.

Sure, you could always wash your clothing, but that’s assuming you’re not missing any apparel that you wish you would have brought.


Here are some items every world traveler should bring along.

Be Ready for Rain Showers

You don’t want to pack so much clothing that you’ll go over your 60-pound luggage limit but it’s best to be prepared for all of the possibilities. You can wear shirts over and over if you have access to a washing machine or a cleaning service, but you can’t turn a basic tee into a rain jacket. The weather can be less than predictable in some regions of the world.

You may be ready for sunshine in the winter, but sometimes a forecast doesn’t tell you everything about the big picture. A light windbreaker that can also act like a raincoat won’t take up too much room in your bag and will also protect you from drizzles. Check out the options available on Amazon.


Clothes That Can Be Layered

Make sure to bring t-shirts and tank tops (if appropriate in the culture), but that doesn’t mean that you’re always going to go out in times where it’s warm enough to go bare-armed. It’s in your best interest to bring along a lot of clothes that can be layered. Always bring long-sleeved shirts that can be paired with your shorts and pants. 


Bring Your Hiking Socks

You might think your basic cotton socks are appropriate for all occasions but that’s not always true. Sure, they will keep your feet warm and they will act as a necessary barrier between your foot and footwear, but that doesn’t make cotton socks the right choice when you’re hiking. If you’d like to be as comfortable as possible, pack yourself wool socks meant for hiking.

There are a few reasons that you should wear wool when leaving your lodging for a hike to the best fly fishing location. First, wool is a material that feels natural and that will regulate temperature so your feet won’t get sweaty. It is also antimicrobial so it won’t start to smell if you work up a sweat. Since wool is soft, it will naturally provider you with cushioning.


A Belt That Does More

If you always wear your clothes a little baggy, you naturally need a belt for any bottoms that you have with belt loops. Bringing a belt with you is probably second-nature, but not just any belt will do when you’re traveling around the world. As a world traveler, you should have an anti-theft belt in your arsenal of traveling goods. This belt looks much like a standard one but includes slots for a key, money, your ID, and other important items. This is a perfect item that not only functions as an article of clothing but one that can keep some of your valuables safe.


There are standard packing lists that you a reference, but they never seem to include all of what you need for your personalized trip. Items you might feel are wastes of space might just come in handy.

Consider the forecast but don’t be so rigid in your planning that you don’t prepare for the unexpected.

As always, make sure you are taking the time to research the place you are planning on traveling to.


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