What Many Countries Advice Their Female Citizens While Traveling India

What Many Countries Advice Their Female Citizens While Traveling India

Everyone loves to travel, age and sex no bar.

Traveling is that adventure which opens up your eyes to a whole new world. A kind of liberation, therapy, an activity that would open up your mind to many realizations, lessons and experiences. It’s the elixir of life which keeps an individual’s spirit burning bright. That’s how you grow – travel, explore, discover, learn, imbibe and live.

But what if traveling came at the cost of your safety?

What if there was an unseen danger, a horror waiting for you somewhere around the corner? There are things that every woman traveling alone in India needs to know.

There have been countless incidents of women facing sexual harassment, molestation, groping and eve teasing in the country, be they from the country itself or from other nations. In contribution, the coverage of these incidents by the media has crossed such an extent that prospective women travelers have become anxious, apprehensive and worried about exploring and discovering India. Not only does this affect the tourism industry but it also dissuades the women to revel India’s true beauty.

Thus, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Here’s what many countries advice their female citizens while traveling:

1. United Kingdom

The foreign affairs department chooses to brace women beforehand and requests or rather suggests them to avoid looking for taxis on the road since you can never determine which driver may be a ‘saint or a devil.’ It also weirdly but logically tells them to wear a wedding ring in order to mitigate their chances of facing harassment. Their logic is that the harasser may get an idea that the woman is married and can call her spouse for help any time.

Paying no heed to eve teasing, cat calling and letching is another key to avoid advances. This lets the potential harasser know that you’re least affected and his attempts to get to you will bear no fruit and that you’re not an easy target. This tells him psychologically that you’re a hardcore woman who can put up a good fight if she’s messed with.

Keeping one’s marital status a secret is seen as an another way to keep at bay troubles by refraining from using titles like ‘Ms’ and ‘Mrs.’. This lets people not get ideas of you’re a single lady who ‘could be an easy one and a damsel in distress’ or a married lady with ‘her spouse guarding’ her. It keeps them guessing and discourages them from making any advances.


2. United States

US citizens, particularly women are cautioned to not travel alone as their curiosity and vulnerability often makes them a good bait resulting in incidents and mishaps. It’s also better that they refrain from making merry in less known places which are less populous as that allows the harasser to commit the crime in a secluded place and get away with it.


3. Australia

The Foreign Affairs Department warns women against hitchhiking as one can never be sure about the person giving the lift. Also, the area where they hitchhike could be secluded which could give the harasser an upper hand in doing a crime and getting away.

Women are suggested to be married or act like they’re married in order to divert problems and also carry a photo of their spouse (real or imaginary) to keep at bay curious people who are intrusive.

Apart from this, women are usually told to hold off from venturing off into and exploring less populous places like beaches, village lanes and city streets since it could give the culprit a clear land to commit his crime.


4. Canada

The Foreign Affairs Department says that it’s better women don’t open maps in public as it gives away their agenda of being a traveler or their identity of an outsider. It’s best kept hidden under a newspaper.


General Suggestions

Apart from this, in general, it’s suggested that women adjust with the culture and wear something that’s a little loose and modest enough to cover you from head to toe. Tight and short clothes are an easy way to attract unwanted attention from perverts and vagrant men.

Also, be confident and a little rough as in, don’t seem or act like you’re very affected by your surroundings. This makes the perpetrators think that you’re the kind of women to be tough enough to put up a fight in case you’re misbehaved with.

It’s best to keep away from men and not be over friendly with them which misleads many uneducated men into thinking you’re openly inviting them for sex. Just stick to your business or overly interactive conversations will lead them into taking you for granted and taking advantage of you.

Always keep a mobile phone with you as communication is extremely important in order to save the situation. In case you’re in trouble you can always call for help and if you sniff something wrong, just pretend you’re having a conversation on the phone which will divert the situation.

All in all, be safe in travel and watch miracles unravel.


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