What makes Mpumalanga Province in South Africa so wonderful

What makes Mpumalanga Province in South Africa so wonderful

Situated within the north east of the country, Mpumalanga is home to close to three million people as well as the most famed safari park in the world; the Kruger National Park.

Nevertheless, there's so much more to Mpumalanga that Kruger national park.

The province is really a picturesque, land-locked province boasting breathtaking vistas and a lot of wild animals. Here is the heartland of South Africa's safari territory and comprises the Lowveld and the Highveld.


The Lowveld is the region beneath 1,000m above sea level. Its basically open woodland interwoven together with long grass and an abundance of wildlife. Broadleaf and thorn trees may both seen in this low-lying subtropical environment.

In the very north of Mpumalanga, the legendary Baobab trees dominate the sky line. Broad, slow moving rivers shrink to isolated pools for the duration of the dry season that is certainly when wildlife congregate which makes it the perfect time for game watching.

The Highveld is a lot colder, with rolling grassland, wild flowers and plenty of pine plantations. Trout angling is fantastic in the dams and streams in the region of Dullstroom and Lydenberg.


The main selling point of Mpumalanaga is without doubt the Kruger. This large wilderness is comprised of an area the size of Israel and is also well known for having the largest diversity of wildlife types in Africa; 140 mammal varieties, 500 bird species and over 300 tree species. Camping locations and game lodges are all available.

Along the borders of the park are various private game reserves featuring 5-star safaris. These lodges offer you fantastic overnight accommodation and are much less crowded. The lodge's safari trucks can turn off road something which is not granted in the national parks.

The province is furthermore the place to find part of the fantastic Drakensberg mountains and it is here one can find the Blyde River Canyon. It's the third largest canyon globally. The views are generally awesome with the vantage point of 'Gods Window' being the best spot to gaze over this dazzling landscape.

Mpumalanga is undoubtedly a place for the people who are looking for the remarkable outdoors with great safaris, dazzling scenery together with hiking, biking and fishing. 



Written and contributed by Ratherton


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