What to Know When Visiting the Grand Palace, Bangkok

What to Know When Visiting the Grand Palace, Bangkok

Bangkok is a city teeming with attractions.

One of the top things to do in Bangkok is to visit the Grand Palace. It is a mammoth structure of unique design and having a rich history to its name.



The palace is located in a busy location just off the Chao Phraya River. Therefore, it is reachable by multiple means and does not come with any major hassle.


Dressing norms

It is a place having religious association. Hence, one must dress up appropriately while visiting this attraction. Tourists are asked to wear attires which cover the legs and arms sufficiently. In case, you are dressed in shorts or sleeveless outfits, then, thankfully, you will not be asked to return to your hotel. The cloak room offers such tourists with facilities of hiring cloaks for the visit (the money you deposit would be refunded once you complete the sightseeing and hand back the cloak).



Bangkok tourism mints a lot of money from the tickets sold for this attraction. Grand Palace is easily the number one attraction of the town, and the ticket prices of 350 Baht can be touted as pretty expensive. However, since the Palace is a must-visit, you have got no option but to dole out the money.



Grand Palace is huge and there are lots of rooms inside which would take some time for exploration. Keep around 2-3 hours in hand if you want to explore the temple vividly. The major attraction is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha which offers both bliss and serenity.

The Emerald Buddha statue is a 14th century carving which is coveted for both historic and religious reasons. Since, it is a highly revered object, you must not do anything which you should not do (that includes littering, vandalizing or showing any form of disrespect). Photography inside this temple is prohibited. So, you must refrain from taking snapshots.

Another interesting segment is the Grand Palace Hall. It is more like a museum with old-age weapons and artifacts.

The Inner Court is the segment which is cordoned off. It once used to be the place of residence for the royal kings. But now it stays isolated. Tourists are not allowed inside the chamber.