What to expect when heading SOUTH of ALICE SPRINGS

What to expect when heading SOUTH of ALICE SPRINGS

There are two ways to go south. The first is the stewart Highway, which is sealed and frequently traveled. The second is a drit track which leads off the Stewart Highway; it's called the Old South Road. On the Old South Road, you'll find:

- Ewaninga - petroglyphs

- Maryvale - a small aboriginal community

- Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve

A dirt track connects the Old South Road to the modern Stewart Highway, from a point north of the aboriginal community of Maryvale.
If instead you follow Stewart Highway south, there's a dirt track which leads to:

- Rainbow Valley

Back on the highway heading south, you'll find the odd roadside attraction and fuel stop. The first of these is Jim's Place, which is a camel farm.

Further south:

- Mount Conner - a plateau frequently mistaken for Ayers Rock by travelers...

- Uluru & Kata Tjuta - The most famous of the central Australian attractions, you've got to see Uluru - also known as Ayers Rock - and Kata Tjuta, also known as The Olgas. These two are the two most prominent features of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. You can take camping trips from Alice Springs out to Uluru, sleeping in swags (waterproof sleeping bags) under the stars and cooking on a barbecue. The buses are airconditioned (very necessary) and have all the equipment, and a guide/driver. This is a nice way to see Uluru and maybe Kata Tjuta with enough time and no worries! But it's just as good as to do it on your own. Uluru at sunrise and sunset is absolutely amazing - you won't want to miss it. But most travelers are more impressed by the 4 hour Kata Tjuta round walk. It's awesome. I won't describe it more... just do it yourself!

- Wattarka, (King's Canyon). This is a lovely canyon walk; it's also available as a scenic helicopter flight. It's part of the same road system as Uluru, and is included on many of the tours. It's not technically speaking a town, as you might interepret it - it's a hotel at a canyon with a little swimming pool and a gas station. Further south is a also a nice camping ground, which is much cheaper to stay at. They also offer quad tours, helicopter flights etc.

- Coober Pedy - The home of opal mining in Australia. Underground hotels, etc.

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