What To Do on Lake Mutanda, Kisoro, Uganda

What To Do on Lake Mutanda, Kisoro, Uganda

I recently visited Chameleon Hill Lodge in Kisoro (www), South western Uganda near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Our day started with a lot of rain as it is always the case in the area. We had our best breakfast followed by room inspection and a motorboat ride to different island on Lake Mutanda.

We started the motorboat ride at about 10.15 am and headed for the ‘Punishment’ island which is a 15 minute ride.

This is one of the islands that acted as a prison for the wrongdoers, girls who got pregnant before marriage and the old aged because they could not burry them. The bones in the cave are estimated to be more than 100 years. This is still regarded as a sacred island which is not inhabited to date. Among the Bafumbira, they go to this island to ask for blessings from their ancestor.


From there, we connected to the Python Island where you can have an opportunity of seeing pythons basking on the morning sun.

More interesting on this island are the underground pits that were used to store food for the people on the mainland. Currently, there are also no inhabitants on this island

The last of the islands was Mutanda Island which is the biggest. Have time to visit the community on this island [advised if there are somethings to be donated], attend a church service. We then headed back to the lodge for lunch.

In the afternoon, we had a review and discussion session on the feedback, comments and observations from the inspection and activities.

The evening was crowned with cultural performances from the local dances and a barbeque.


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