What to Do on a Cornish Holiday in Polzeath

What to Do on a Cornish Holiday in Polzeath

Although Polzeath is really little more than a small and non-descript village along the north coast of Cornwall, it is definitely one of the premier tourist destinations in the UK for one reason in particular: its beach.

The beach at Polzeath is its biggest draw, bringing in beach lovers and surfers alike by the busload – particularly in summer.

With that in mind if you’re wondering what you can do on a holiday to Polzeath, the first point of interest is definitely the beach.


Things to Do in Polzeath, Cornwall

Sun, Surf and Sand

With golden sand, several rock pools and great waves – Polzeath beach has more than enough to occupy you for a day, or possibly more. If you intend to surf (or learn how to) then you’ll find that it has everything you need to do so, from board rentals to lessons – and lifeguards during the day in case you need any help.

On the other hand if you’d prefer to stick to the shore, the sand and sun is idyllic to say the least. During low tide you could even explore the rock pools in the area and may even find some interesting marine life such as crabs, prawns, anemone, and so on.

Being a nature reserve, there is quite an interesting amount of wildlife in the area. In particular you may want to keep an eye out for dolphins playfully frolicking in the sea or puffins and other coastal birds as they fly overheard or perch nearby.


Hiking Along the Coastal Path

If and when you have your fill of the beach at Polzeath, there are several other activities that you may want to try such as hiking along the coastal path.

Part of the North Cornwall coastal part crosses Polzeath, leading towards Daymer Bay in one direction and to Pentire Point in the other. If you choose the latter you’ll be able to hike along the cliffs and experience the stunning scenery of the Cornish coast.


Exploring Cornish Cuisine and Vineyards

In and around Polzeath you’ll find a variety of Cornish cuisine ranging from pastries and sandwiches to more wholesome fare. If you want you could even pack a picnic to take with you to the beach. On the other hand if drink is more to your liking then there are several vineyards in the vicinity that will let you sample the local wines.


Head to St Enodoc Church

Although a bit of a trek from Polzeath, St Enodoc Church near Daymer Bay is an interesting chapel shrouded in mystery – and history. At one point it was partially submerged in sand, though it has since been restored and is an interesting and charming little chapel that is worth a visit.

By now you should have some idea on how to spend your time during a Polzeath holiday. Between the beach itself as well as the other attractions in the area, you should definitely be in for a treat and may even want to spend more than a day exploring all that it has to offer.