What is the Difference Between Flashpacking & Backpacking?

What is the Difference Between Flashpacking & Backpacking?

Well, I’ve done my fair share of backpacking excursions, sleeping in rooms with chaotic foreigners and wrapping a pillow around my head to fall asleep.

The way people travel is constantly changing and though I really enjoyed the ‘hostel life’ a couple of years ago, I have to admit that I do like my independent bedroom and bathroom now-a-days.

So where did this leave me?

As a 'flashpacker'!

There is no easier way to explain it than to put it in simple 'travel terms' and really disect the common dictionary definitions.


From one traveler to another, here you go!


A term used for travellers who are on a budget friendly trip and usually for long periods of time. Backpackers are literally travelling with a backpack throughout their entire trip and carry their life with them on every new adventure. Forget the fixed itineraries and group travel, backpacking is usually done solo or in small groups of people wanting a unique experience. Awesome, right?


Similar to backpacking in all ways but one, the budget. Flashpacking is still following the no-intinerary, long term and unique travel, but a flashpacker will be looking more for independent hotels or private accommodations. Forget cramming into a room of 20 other people, why not backpack in style?!


While traveling through Germany during Christmas holidays, I was venturing through a variety of Christmas Markets and blogging about my favorite flashpacking hotels.