What to Bring to Mexican All-Inclusive Resorts

What to Bring to Mexican All-Inclusive Resorts


Every time I go to an All-Inclusive resort in Mexico, I say to myself, "Why didn't I bring that?"  


So here's a little guideline on what to pack when headed on your next vacation. 



Biodegradable Sunscreen
Save the fish! And the people who live in Mexico. Traditional sunscreen washes off into the water and dumps tons of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the vegetation and wildlife.  If you are planning on going on an excursion in Mexico, they will require you either rinse your sunscreen off, or wear bio-degradable sunscreen.  


A large thermos
When you order a drink, it is most likely going to be served in this rinky dink little cup.  Are you kidding? Its 105 degrees out here -- I'm thirsty! Bring a large thermos, have them fill it for you, and you will have a spill proof way of sipping a cocktail for hours. 


Black -Out Sunglasses
For all you people watchers out there -- this is the best idea yet.   Bring sunglasses that have reflective or black lenses for the best people watching this side of the world. 


A snorkel
Many properties offer snorkels to borrow for the day -- but I would highly recommend bringing your own.  I don't like to put my mouth on things that have been in the mouths of 1000 other people. 


Have something to add? Please do!  



Written and contributed by ExplorePangea