What are Peer to Peer Accommodations?

What are Peer to Peer Accommodations?

You might have heard about peer-to-peer accommodations… actually let’s get serious, if you call yourself a traveler, you definitely know what peer-to-peer accommodations are, just in a simpler term: AIR BNB, HouseTrip, Couch Surfing, etc.

A. They are Often Cheaper

B. They Support Giving Back to Community

C. It is a Unique Experience

D. It is Often a More ‘Homely’ Option

E. It is a More Interactive Experience

F. Honest Opinions and Reviews are Provided

G. You Get a More Local Perspective on Travel in the Area


So what do you prefer better? I’m going to go ahead and be honest, I do prefer hotels and hostels over Air BnB, but I can never argue the price I pay for the rooms.

Though I would love to stay in a hotel every night, the travellers budget I am on doesn’t quite cut it.


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