What are the Best Airports in the World?

What are the Best Airports in the World?

Do you ever wonder what the world’s best airports are? You don’t have to wonder anymore because the Skytrax World Airport Awards, which are described as "the Oscars of the aviation industry", take out all the guesswork in the matter.

Here are the top 5 airports for 2015:

5. Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Four out of five of the airports on this list are found in Asia. With 68.9 million yearly passengers, Haneda is the world's fourth-busiest airport, but that hasn’t impeded its efficiency in the slightest. Haneda is known for its service efficiency, cleanliness and shopping. Located a few kilometres away from the Japanese capital, Haneda is becoming an increasingly popular port of entry for business travellers and tourists.


4. Hong Kong International

A stop over at Hong Kong International is not only entertaining but educational as well. There is the Aviation Discovery Centre, as well as the Dream Come True Education Park, which is a new and unique liberal studies platform that lets children get a taste for the real working world by role-playing in uniforms. It’s not all about the learning though as there is also a SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course and a UA IMAX Theatre with the largest IMAX giant screen in Hong Kong.


3. Munich Airport

The only European airport that made the top five. Frankfurt gets a lot of attention, but it’s Munich that keeps getting awarded. No wonder as there is something for the whole family. There’s an iPilot flight simulator for dad, a spa and wellness centre for mom, and a playground for your kids. Munich Airport is basically a modern and cosmopolitan 'mini-city'. It even has its own brewery and a traditional beer garden.


2. Incheon International

On an island just outside of the South Korean capital is one of the world’s biggest and busiest airports. Claiming the second place, for the second year in a row, Incheon International offers a golf course, spa, ice rink, casino, indoor gardens and even the Museum of Korean Culture.

While the world-wide industry average for departure and arrival is 60 and 45 minutes, but Incheon boasts an impressive 19 and 12 minutes respectively, making it also one of the fastest airports in the world.  It’s also renowned for its duty-free shopping mall, making it the perfect time to stock up on duty-free alcohol, designer goods, perfume and more.


1. Singapore Changi Airport

Last and best we have Changi Airport in Singapore, which has won the covted first place position for an impressive third year in a row! Rather than being an airport that is also an entertainment hub, it is more of an entertainment hub that also provides international flights.

Between the rooftop pool, nature trails, four-story slide, free foot massages, a pop-in movie theatre, butterfly garden and complimentary tours of central Singapore, it’s little wonder why this airport just keeps winning.


More than 550 airports were included in the Skytrax survey, and its annual rankings are based on the impressions of over 13 million flyers from 112 countries. If you aren’t booking your flights yet you had better start soon.