The Western Cape’s Secret Beaches

The Western Cape’s Secret Beaches

Skip the masses and embark on exciting day-drives within the Western Cape of South Africa  to witness some of its spectacular secret beaches.

Here are My Favourite Secret Beaches to Visit During Summer

Stanford’s Bay, Gansbaai

One gets an open feeling at Stanford’s Bay. It’s as if you are the centrepiece, wrapped inside of nature. Stanford’s Bay is a secluded beach located in De Kelders. A protected cove, this hidden gem is a popular fishing spot for local anglers. While you may find anglers baiting their hooks and preparing to swing amongst the rocks, this does not in any way disturb the tranquility you’ll find at Stanford’s Bay.

Whether you find yourself strolling along the shoreline or bathing in the warm rays of the sun, you’re guaranteed to have some time alone. What’s more, there are exhilarating activities to try while you’re in the small town of Gansbaai, such as shark cage diving and whale-watching!


Water’s Edge, Simon’s Town

This secret beach boasts awe-striking views of crystal waters, a surrounding mountain backdrop and pristine white sand.  Literally off the beaten track, Water’s Edge can be entered through what looks like a garden gate. While this gate may give you the impression that it’s a private beach, it isn’t. Another way to access Water’s Edge is by driving along the sand and boulders via Seaforth. Water’s Edge is located between Seaforth beach and Boulders Beach, which could explain why so many visitors miss this beach.

Water’s Edge is more than a great spot to breakaway from the demands that come with a busy life. It’s also a great spot to spend a day with the family. It has many little rock pools suitable and fun for the kids to play in and a great grass area for adults to setup a picnic.


Glencairn Beach, Simon’s Town

Another gem located in Simon’s Town, Glencairn Beach is a beautiful secret beach found along the False Bay Coastline that most seem to miss. It could be that the popular neighbouring beaches attract tourist and locals.

Particularly as a local, you’ve experienced how popular beaches quickly pack up during the summer season. So if you want to skip the masses or simply escape a hectic schedule, Glencairn Beach offers just that – peace and quiet.

With close proximity to the train station, this secret beach is easily accessible. My favourite thing to do is strolling along the shoreline and appreciating the serene atmosphere of Glencairn Beach. What’s more, the beach sports a tidal pool! Also, be sure to end your day at the beach by taking a short walk to one of the nearby pubs for a perfect sundowner.