Wendland - a rural area at the old border between West and East Germany

Wendland - a rural area at the old border between West and East Germany

Wendland is not only an area for demonstrating against the so called "Zwischenlager" and in the future the so called "Endlager" for the German nuclear waste at Gorleben (rather disturbing and frightening fact) but also worth a visit for cycling exploring the old and recent history of this part of Germany.

During the "Cold War" it stuck out into the former GDR like a peninsular, isolated and with no interest for any kind of tourism and perhaps therefore chosen as a good place to dump the German nuclear waste.

After reunification this part of the world now is right in the centre of Germany, still isolated because of the presence of the stored nuclear waste at Gorleben. Who would like to live so close of such a ticking time bomb?!


Nevertheless, perhaps because of this, the area remains unspoiled. The nature reserve desinated to the "biosphere reserve Elbtalaue" by UNESCO along the river Elbe and all the Wendland offer something worth to see and discover. 

The most precious commodity found here is "peace and quiet". The loudest sound you will find here is the noise of nature like "croaking frogs and the different noises of  bird life". You can find all kind of birds but the numerous storks and the cranes and sea eagle we could watch in wild life were definitely a highlight.

Best is to explore the area by bike: the Elbtalaue, the towns Hitzacker, Dannenberg, Dömitz and not to forget the Slavian "Rundlinge" - where the old farm buildings are built in a circle around a Village Green - like Lübeln (a bit touristic) and Satemin (perhaps the best) and a few others.

It is not very touristy, and even during the season, restaurants and cafes do not open all day in many places. But the people are friendly and welcoming. They want your support and need the tourists because it is not an area where people voluntarily live.

They fear the danger of nucelar polution. But they are happy when people choose their Wendland as a holiday place but though we liked the place there was always the knowledge of the danger with us and often a topic in our conversations.


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