Welcome to Traveldudes - The Beta Version of Our New Website!!!

Welcome to Traveldudes - The Beta Version of Our New Website!!!

Traveldudes - The first Social Travel Platform

Nowadays, social media is Noise!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to sift through the ‘noise’ to find content that is relevant. You have to be kind of a geek to understand the development of hashtags and it's not getting easier to find quality travel content on social media.

We changed that!

Melvin Böcher, founder of Traveldudes and social media evangelist, thought it was time to use his experience and knowledge to bring travel guidebooks to the next level!

Traveldudes is THE first Social Travel platform!

It provides the travel industry and bloggers free exposure through the smart use of hashtags. Traveldudes harnesses the power of hashtags by ensuring quality content is found easily. By utilising appropriate hashtags (such as #travel #London or #food #Madrid), online publishers can determine where their content is presented on the Traveldudes platform. Users can look up content relevant to them in the Social Travel section of the platform or find tips contributed from the Traveldudes network in the Guidebook section.

Travelers are able to follow a travel expert’s profile or a specific keyword (e.g. “Bologna”, or “Bologna”+”food”) on the Traveldudes platform. In the traveler’s timeline, posts will appear with the keywords he/she follows and posts shared by experts he/she follows.

The structure and layout is kept to a minimum to provide an optimal orientation, search and loading time of the site.

This is a complete new version with many exciting features already and more to come. Please help and contact us or leave a comment beneath (login required), if you find any bugs or things, which not work the way you think they should.

Publishers’ content can be shown in prime positions in the Social Travel and in the Guidebook section. For more information, please register (for free), download the media kit or contact us.


Thanks for the fabulous support and work:

Based in Cologne, we work in our office and live dedication to design. We, these are the diploma designers Emlyn Böcher, Judith Hotes and Julia Lintermann. Our mission is to develop and optimize corporate design processes, and to design communication for classic and digital media: we advise, plan, design and implement the ideas – while being in close contact with our clients. That way, we co-create true value for our clients in line with their business philosophy. If this is what you are looking for, we are the experts.

Steve Haenisch
Steve runs the Travel Magazine and the Travel Video Show back-packer.org. Steve was part from the beginning of this big project and played a major role in creating the concept, where his experience as an “Information Architect” helped a lot. He is now responsible for affiliate partnerships at Traveldudes.


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