A Weekend in Central London

A Weekend in Central London

Time is precious, and so is the time spent when you’re visiting a new location.

If you find yourself with only a weekend to spare in central London, don’t panic.

The following are some of the best sights to see and things to do in 48 hours in London. Of course, the first step before any of these is to pick your accommodation in London. Once you’re ready to explore, read on.


Some Wonderful Things to Do in Central London

Foyle’s, Soho

This is London’s biggest bookshop and a must visit even if you aren’t a book lover. This 5-storey book shop is located near Tottenham Court Road tube station.


National Gallery

With beautiful artworks including the likes of Van Gogh, Renoir and Michelangelo, you can’t afford to miss this world renowned gallery which has over six million visitors walk through its doors.


Houses of Parliament

Not only is it home to the world’s most famous clock, the Houses of Parliament are made up of two houses, the house of Commons and the house of Lords. On certain days, especially if you book ahead, you may be allowed inside.


Tate Modern

Located inside what was once a power station on the scenic south bank of London, this museum is popular with tourists and locals alike. Their permanent collection features art works by Andy Warhol, Matisse and Jackson Pollock.


Borough Market

Once you’ve explored Tate Modern, it’s a short walk away to get to Borough market, one of London’s most popular tourists attractions. You can walk around the market as you choose your food, or decide to buy your delicious burger, chips etc. and walk to the nearby riverfront.

One of London’s finest fish and chip shop is located here, with award-winning chips!


Kensington Gardens

If you thought being in central London meant no space to breathe, you are sorely mistaken, as is proven by gems such as Kensington gardens. The massive green space is home to popular attractions such as the Peter Pan statue, the Serpentine Gallery and the Diana Memorial Playground.

With free entry and boundless greenery, there’s no reason to skim past these gardens.


London is a wonderful city to visit and no travel itinerary is complete without adding London's name to it. Whether you are planning on visiting for a day, a month, or for a weekend, time somehow seems to fly and you never have enough time to do what you planned to do.

If you plan on visiting London for a weekend, these are the sights you can’t miss.