watch bandy in Stockholm, a popular sport

watch bandy in Stockholm, a popular sport

Bandy is a sport popular mainly in Sweden, Finland and Russia, and slowly gaining popularity in Northern America, played outdoors on ice with sticks and a small ball. The field is roughly as large as a soccer field, and the rules show some similarities. If you visit Stockholm sometime from November to February, and want an exotic experience, this is for you. Remember to dress warm, the game is played in two 45-minute halves. Stockholm currently has only one team in the top men's bandy league:

- Hammarby plays their home games at Zinkensdamms IP, Ringvägen 16 (T Zinkensdamm), on Södermalm.

- AIK plays their home games at Bergshamra IP in Solna. Both the men's and the women's teams play here. The men's team plays in the third level of the league system, while the women's team has won the Championships 12 of 20 times. In the 2008/2009 season, they are the defending champions.

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