Walt Disney World and Orlando Funtastic Facts

Walt Disney World and Orlando Funtastic Facts

Being the core of Orlando’s entertainment center, Walt Disney World remains the top-notch visited attraction of the region that keeps on drawing visitors from any part of the world for the whole year round.  

Being consisted of four giant parks comprising Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom, the resort itself offers bulks of entertainment selections for all park goers of different ages. Thus, couples, seniors, parents and children choose to travel this world’s most popular resort for family retreat and relaxation.


Fun facts about Walt Disney World

- Snow White and Ariel the Little Mermaid actresses are not allowed to be tanned?

- On Liberty Square there is a Liberty Tree; it is a Southern Live Oak which is a grandfather to 500 younger oaks and is over a hundred years of age.

- The Animal Kingdom is the company’s biggest theme park which encompasses 500 acres of land.

- The Dinoland’s signpost Route 498 actually means the date of its creation, April 1998.

- The centerpiece is called the Tree of Life which is made of an old oil rig - 14 stories high and 50 feet wide.

- There are about 27,000,000 gallons of water in the Discovery River - that could fill up to 1,800 average–sized swimming pools.

- Over 230 buses circulate around the theme park.

- Walt Disney World employs 54,000 employees and is the largest single city employer in the US.


Finding a place to stay

Orlando has several accommodation options for its guests, but finding the right and most convenient lodging can be confusing. There are lots of hotels everywhere that can cater services that vacationers need, however, if you are travelling with a large family or group, renting a vacation home might be the best idea.


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